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    On June 16, 2005, Mr. David C. Pack of the Restored Church of God issued a scathing indictment of a book entitled A Sabbath Test which is showcased in our library. Additionally, Mr. Pack assailed the book’s co-authors, accusing them of being “self appointed critics” and “pharisaical Laodiceans” driven by a desire to discredit Mr. Herbert W Armstrong. He also claimed that the motivation behind Messrs. Braidic and Fischer was a desire to exploit the brethren for profit and spearhead a movement for their own aggrandizement. His condemnation of the book and its premise, as well as those who wrote it, appears on his web site under the banner Surviving Perilous Times Article Five.


    In the fall of 2004, Blow the Trumpet sent a copy of this book to him, and other leaders of God’s Church, in hopes that he, and they, would prayerfully examine its message. Based on the tenor of his response, this COG leader appears to have chosen a different course. The vitriol unleashed in his essay reflects an extraordinary lack of maturity as well as a total absence of intellectual honesty. In essence, Mr. Pack was doing little more than throwing a tantrum in print. Furthermore, his approach made it clear that he was genuinely frustrated by the powerful logic presented in a book he so passionately condemns. As a result, instead of addressing the avalanche of scriptural evidence presented in A Sabbath Test, Mr. Pack’s rebuttal was limited to a series of human arguments and circular reasoning followed by a stream of personal attacks and insults. In truth, his defense of dining out on the Sabbath was not remotely based on “scriptural facts” as he had promised.

    In one particular argument this church leader had the audacity to advance a stunning distortion of Sabbath life in the templeone that is thoroughly contradicted by both secular history and the scriptures (see: Restaurants in the Millennium). Mr. Pack's position on this subject even contradicts the teaching of the church under Mr. Armstrong. His error on this point was so glaring that it prompted the authors of A Sabbath Test to write a very respectful rebuttal to his "new understanding" (see: Millennial Sacrifices).

    Mr. Pack also argued that God only prohibited the Israelites from gathering manna on the Sabbath, not food altogether. Therefore His people were free to acquire other Sabbath meals and prepare them on the seventh day (see: "No More Manna"). Additionally, he claims that restaurant personnel actually perform a role similar to that of Levites who served in the temple, and as such deserve the same consideration from God concerning their Sabbath labor. Here is how he expressed it.

“If God can make—and always has made—allowances for His priests when they worked on the Sabbath, is it not possible for Him to make allowances for others who serve God’s people?” (see: Millennial Restaurants)

    Perhaps the most glaring distortion advanced by Mr. Pack regarding this issue, was his repeated insistence that the authors of A Sabbath Test and those who agree with them, want to condemn God's people. He promotes this assertion without offering one scintilla of evidence to support it. To him, it's true because he said it was.


Why Are We Doing This?


    Although Mr. Pack is a recognized leader in God’s Church, we feel compelled to address his characterization of A Sabbath Test and his representation of its message. Quite frankly, we think it is SHAMEFUL.

    With this said, it is important to understand that Blow the Trumpet derives no pleasure out of what you are about to read. Furthermore, it saddens us to engage in what many may construe as just another fight in God’s Church. Quite frankly, it is not our style. One only has to examine our web site to see the deference we show to all of God’s Church and its leaders. However, we were truly shocked that Mr. Pack would be so disingenuous in his essay. We sincerely feel that such an approach is beneath him and the dignity of his office. But there is more.


    We at Blow the Trumpet are now convinced that God’s Sabbath cries out to be heard on this issue. Furthermore, its voice will not passively accommodate those who think they can call the holy profane and the profane holy (Ezk. 22:26, see also: Isa. 5:20). As you proceed through our response, you will hear that voice thunder, and it will be blunt, to say the least. Also, because we believe the ministry has the power as well as the responsibility to correct this sin, which has infested God’s Church, our indictment is directed at them—the leaders.


Taking the Test


    Throughout his essay, Mr. Pack used numerous anecdotes and tangential points to counter serious issues woven throughout the scriptures regarding God's people seeking out unbelievers on holy time and purchasing their goods and services. Perhaps he believed that if he protested loud enough, he wouldn’t have to take this test. But lo, now that test has taken him. What follows is a comprehensive examination of his arguments versus those presented by A Sabbath Test.  To access a particular argument click the corresponding link.



Blow the Trumpet  


PS Shortly after the release of our initial rebuttal, we at Blow the Trumpet extended an invitation to Mr. Pack to publicly debate this issue at a time and setting of his choice. His office declined the offer saying he had better things to do than debate this with "gnats and ankle-biters" like us. Our invitation still stands.






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