And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough,

and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

Luke 9:62



Decemberber 2006

Selling Idolatry

Christmas is so intrenched in our modern culture that even professing Christianity embraces it as a genuine expression of worship. But what does God's word say about such celebrations?  From wher di it come? This wing of our site exposes this holiday and it symbols for what they really are.

The Power of a Father's Love

Have you ever felt like the weight of your own sins were too great for even God to accept? If your answer is "yes," then this addition to our website is an absolute must see. Just how committed is God to the ultimate success of His children despite their flaws and blemishes? In a special letter to the Church the power of God's love for us is illustrated in an inspiring true story of a father-son team that defied all odds to become one of the most celebrated sport stories in history. Its lesson for all of God's people shouts out words of encouragement and hope.


November 2006

Tracking Depravity

We have added links to three new articles regarding Homosexual issues to our wing on Moral Depravity.

The United Church of God Vs A Sabbath Test

Blow the Trumpet has just published the final installment of its rebuttal of the United Church of God's position paper pertaining to dining out on the Sabbath. Our response to their endorsement of this practice thoroughly examines every argument they make and presents compelling evidence to refute each point. We have also made it availably in print format.

A Tribute to Unity (Video)

In this age there are virtually hundreds of COGs. Sadly some would rather emphasize the differences than the similarities. This two and a half minute video is an appeal to God's people to stop judging their brethren and to love on another.

True Thanksgiving


In honor of Thanksgiving Blow the Trumpet has added a new page appealing to American to express their thanks by turning their hearts back to God in obedience.


September 2006

The United Church of God vs A Sabbath Test

In February 2003, the doctrinal committee of the United Church of God published a paper addressing the practice of dining out on the Sabbath. Blow the Trumpet has begun a thorough response to this prominent COG's position on this critical end time issue with a series of compelling articles rebutting the UCG position.



August 2006

Timeline of Events (Moral Depravity)

Links to five new articles have been added to our wing on Moral Depravity. Each article illustrates America's growing acceptance of homosexuality


Should unleavened bread be eaten each day during the spring Holy Days?

This question is answered in the latest addition of By the Boook. It explains why this particular teaching in God's word should be taken literally.

Surrendering to Mexico

This new addition to our Contemporary Issues and Analysis wing provides a brief glimpse into what just might be the demise of the American southwest.


Will the West Defend Itself

Does the United States have the power to eliminate terrorists and the states that support them? In terms of capacity, as opposed to will, the answer is a clear yes. But what about the will? Has America lost the pride of her power? And will her timidity prove fatal to the free world.


Dr. Walter E. Williams, a professor of economics at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., and a member of the Board of Advisors for the Media Research Center's Free Market Project, offers some sobering words on our country's lack of grit in an age where grit is what she really needs..      


Shaking Core Beliefs in the Middle East           

"An extraordinary thing happened in the Middle East this month. An Israeli army faced an Arab army and did not defeat it -- did not render it incapable of continued resistance. That was the outcome in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973 and 1982. But it did not happen in 2006. Should this outcome stand, it will represent a geopolitical earthquake in the region -- one that fundamentally shifts expectations and behaviors on all sides."

These words introduce compelling analysis on the outcome of the latest Israeli conflict in the Mideast. This article, written by Dr. George Friedman, one of the premier thinkers in the area of military intelligence, provides extraordinary insight on an issue with HUGE Biblical ramifications.


"Thy Kingdom Come" (Video Clip)


This compelling video clip has been added to our wing, "The Middle East in Crisis." It captures in gripping pictures the magnitude of the most recent conflict between Israel and the Hezbollah militia in southern Lebanon. It also illustrates man's inability to forge any lasting peace. The conclusion of this video contains a profound truth that should be on the lips of all of God's people.


The Middle East in Crisis


On Tuesday July 12th Hezbollah forces in southern Lebanon captured two Israeli soldiers in a bloody battle near the Israeli border. What happened next would stun not only the region but the entire world. Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert called the abduction "an act of war" and ordered a massive counter strike against southern Lebanon where the Hezbollah are heavily concentrated.


This new wing of our website is dedicated to following what just might be the beginning stages of history's most dramatic moment. Are we witnessing events that will usher in calamity of unspeakable proportions? Are we about to see the world change as never before? We at Blow the Trumpet believe the answer is very likely YES


America the Beautiful... the Hated, the Isolated

We have added a special link from our "Fall of America" wing. This link goes to an insightful essay written by Mr. Charles E Bryce of the Living Church of God. It examines the decline in American respect from nations around the world and offers a clear warning from God Almighty that every American should consider.

A Jolt to Planned Parenthood

We have added a new article to our Contemporary Issues and Analysis wing that addresses the issue of "abortion rights" and the role of Planned Parenthood in promoting this horrific procedure. On May 8th Ted Harvey of the Colorado House of Representatives and a pro-life advocate stunned his legislative colleges on a day in which they were going to honor Planned Parenthood. His story is an extraordinary one and literally put a human face on a victim of abortion. This is his story.


Reference Library

We have added two new resources to our reference library. The first is a link to the Appendixes of the Companion Bible by the prominent 19th century scholar Dr. E W Bullinger. This section contains 198 articles and notes on a wide range of Biblical topics and is an excellent study resource. Additionally, we have added Dr. Bullinger's article on the Significance of Numbers.

An American Holocaust

We have added two new sections to our wing addressing abortion. The first contains related news links carrying information pertaining to current events regarding this highly combustible issue. The second contains links to opinion and editorial related articles. Because these will be updated frequently we encourage you to visit this wing often.


July 2006

Sabbath Confessions (Second Edition)

We have made extensive additions to this remarkable resource and included them in a new section (Part 8) of this booklet. There are now scores of quotes proving that God's true Sabbath was observed in every century from the time of the original apostolic church to today. This leaves no doubt that the day God Almighty sanctified have been honored by His people down through the ages.

The Fall of America

This new wing of our website examines how a nation once blessed by God Almighty has rejected the very source of those blessings and how a new generation of Americans has redefined its values. Additionally, it presents a compelling argument from the very words of the men who built this land that such behavior would ultimately lead to the destruction of the greatest experiment in freedom this world has ever seen. It features several articles as well as a touching video ("A Land of Providence") and a dramatic reading of the Declaration of independence. This is a must see to all who wonder about the path America has now chosen to follow and where that path may take them.

A Lesson About the Constitution

This essay illustrates where America is heading and how the founding father warned that if future generations decided to remove God from the public square they just might find that they will lose something else, something they never bargained for.

Moral Depravity (Tracking Depravity)

Two news stories have been added to this page of our site. They illustrate that although some homosexual issues have suffered setbacks this is a movement that continues to garner support and is aggressively promoted by its advocates.


June 2006

God Hates Evil (Sermonette)

What does it mean to "eschew" evil. This twenty minute message answers this question and explains why God's people must not only seek His kingdom but also reject the ways of this world.

Dave Pack vs A Sabbath Test, One Year Later

On June 16,2005 the Restored Church of God under the direction of Dave Pack published a scathing attack of a book entitled A Sabbath Test which appears in our library. This page examines what has transpired since that time and provides new evidence that proves that God does not approve of His people engaging in such a practice.


May 2006

Denegrating America

This essay examines how the United States is being mocked before its enemies by our own political leaders. In times past such words would have been regarded as treason. Today however, it's just another shameless act of appeasement.

Over Praised Children

"American schools in particular emphasize self-esteem as the chief virtue, divorced from achievement or even effort. Thus, children are routinely sheltered from the sting of failure—and therefore trapped in a sunny fantasy world in which bad behavior and poor performance have no negative consequences." These words introduce one of the most thoughtful essays on the issue of training our children you will ever read. It examines one of the chief reasons so many young people are not equipped to succeed in the real world.

Where Was God?

Recently we received an Email from one of our website visitors. This person took issue with our assesment of the terrorist attack on America. Although we receive many such letter, we decided to publish this one because it typifies the denial this nation finds itself in.


April 2006

The Elusive Right to Privacy

This extraordinary essay, which has been added to our wing on Contemporary Issues and Analysis, reveals that privacy has never been a right unto itself. Instead, it is the natural result of other rights. It is a blessing from the Creator of liberty bestowed on free people who are willing to properly defer to Him who exercises perfect unbroken presence in all of man's hiding places and perfectly knows every action and motive of every person.


March 2006

The Great Sacrifice

Blow the Trumpet is profoundly honored to present this new wing as a tribute to the extraordinary sacrifice of Jesus Christ. In it we offer a touching video as well a series of articles and messages relating to this season.

Richard L. George vs A Sabbath Test

On January 19th Mr. Richard L. George of the Living Church of God wrote a lengthy letter to Messrs. Art Braidic and Dennis Fischer. His purpose was to debunk a book they co-authored entitled A Sabbath Test as well as to refute a split sermon they gave nearly 4 years ago on the issue of dining out on the Sabbath. We at Blow the Trumpet asked if we could respond. They consented. This new wing contains a series of rebuttals to Mr. George's assertion that God's people may dine out on the Sabbath with His full blessing.

Chatroom Notes

We have recently added several new notes taken from comments received during Friday evening Sabbath discussions in our Chatroom. To access a particular set of discussion notes click on the applicable topic.

Did Jesus Risk?

Could Jesus have failed when He came to earth as a man? In other words, could He have succumbed to sin and as a result all mankind, including Himself would have been lost? Simply put, did Jesus risk? This article presents a brief synopsis of the two positions in this debate after which it provides a compelling Biblical event that provided the answer all along.

Was Jesus a Created Being?

There are some well-intended “believers” who contend that Jesus Himself was a created being prior to His earthly life. Some have even suggested that He was the twin brother of the great archangel Lucifer – the very Lucifer who later became Satan the devil. Those who hold this view believe that God the Father stands alone as the One Being who has eternally existed. This article addresses this very important issue.

The Unmerciful Servant

The issue of mercy is addressed prolifically throughout the scriptures, especially in the New Testament—and no one spoke about it more than Jesus Christ. The parable of “The Unmerciful Servant” presents one of the most powerful lessons ever given by the Messiah. It proclaims a message of great hope to all who receive it as well as a message of great doom to all who refuse to extend it to others. This article provides some interesting insights into this powerful story.

The Power of Faith

God’s word speaks prolifically on faith. However, despite this fact it remains one of the most elusive Christian qualities. Just what is faith and why is it so important to God that His people build it? This article examines this very critical issue in light of the Biblical record. It includes some unique observations about Faith and its remarkable power in the lives of God’s people.


February 2006

Moral Depravity

On Tuesday morning, February 28th Blow the Trumpet published a new wing entitled “Moral Depravity.” This wing contains several essays and video clips illustrating how widespread homosexuality has become and how it is forcing its will on America. We invite you to visit this latest warning from Blow the Trumpet. Additionally, we will be adding several new articles to this page, so we encourage you to visit often.  

On- Line Bible

Blow the Trumpet has added another outstanding reference tool for guests of its website. Our custom on-line Bible allows you to seek out any verse in the scriptures with just a click.

Champions of Faith (Sermon)

Adversity is the crucible by which God's must achieve the Kingdom. Trials are the tools that God uses to build in us things that will last forever. What does it take to be a true champion of faith? This inspiring message answers that question.

Whose Name is Lucifer?

This article addresses an argument that has been advanced by some well intended believers who contend that the name Lucifer is not an appropriate rendering of the term used to identify the great fallen archangel now known as Satan the devil.

Chatroom Notes

Last month Blow the Trumpet began hosting a special Sabbath evening chat. This discussion is conducted weekly and may be attended by anyone with an interest in the topic selected for that week. We have just posted our notes on all three January topics. They include Honoring God's Sabbath, The Prodigal Son and The Man Born Blind.


January 2006

Behind the Work

Since its inception Blow the Trumpet has often been asked who is behind this extraordinary project and why it has felt the need to maintain such a high level of secrecy concerning those associated with it. This article answers that question.     

A History of the True Church

We are pleased to add a comprehensive outline of the history of God's Church from its inception on the Day of Pentecost 31 AD. This is a remarkable study tool that was originally used at Ambassador College during the last years of Mr. Armstrong's life.

Live Running News Stories

In addition to its news bureau and Morning Briefing pages Blow the Trumpet had added a continuous live news link. This link scrolls across the screen with the latest stories impacting our world.

FOT Countdown Calculator

Because of the enormous affection God's people have for the Feast of Tabernacles, we have added a FOT countdown calculator to our Holy Day calendar.

General Letters

We have added new letters to our site. They address the issues of Sabbath observance and tithing. Each involve a fairly heated exchange between web site visitors and Blow the Trumpet. Our purpose for posting them was to illustrate the lengths people will go to in justifying their behavior.

The Christmas Defense

This article examines how human reasoning is employed when defending unscriptural positions. It illustrates this point by comparing the Protestant view of Christmas and the Church of God’s view on going to restaurants on the Sabbath. It is an interesting look at a serious problem in God’s Church today.

Ariel Sharon: In His Own Words

We have added a series of essays written by the stricken Israeli Prime Minister. These writings represent a window into how this prominent leader views the world in general and the state of Israel in particular.

Ariel Sharon: (A Video Portrait)

We have added a one-minute video portrait of Israel’s Prime Minister. The video was produced by the Reuters News Agency.

Ariel Sharon (A Portrait)


On January 5, 2006 Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered a massive stroke. As he continues to survive this trial Blow the Trumpet has produced a special page showcasing his life and his words.  

BTT Chatroom


Blow the Trumpet is pleased to announce that it has created a Chatroom for web site guests. Additionally, we will be hosting special discussions on relevant issues facing our world and God’s people. Look for dates and times for special chat topics. We invite you to register and then to visit it often.