Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that

build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.
Psalm 127:1


Blow the Trumpet

Proclaiming the gospel as a witness



January 20, 2009


The Honorable Barack H. Obama


President of the United States of America

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington DC



Dear Mr. President, 


    There is an old saying that goes: “If you tell a lie long enough, people will start believing it.” Our purpose for writing is to express great sadness at a horrible lie being proclaimed by men and women of influence throughout our nation. Tragically, it is even being advanced by our legislators and judges. Furthermore, this lie has become so accepted that to challenge it brings rebuke and even scorn from those who think their wisdom is somehow unimpeachable. The lie we are referring to is that the founding fathers saw faith and the Bible as a potential threat to our republic.


    The perpetuation of this assertion has not only claimed TRUTH as one of its casualties, but it actually threatens our nation’s very survival and we must act quickly before it is too late. Mr. President, our country is now being redefined by people that are afraid of faith because they know it exposes their way of life for what it really is—not liberating at all, but rather one trapped in the oppression of sin. In short, those who advance the idea that faith has no place in the public square do so because they reject its enduring moral principles. Furthermore, they know that the One True God demands moral purity. He does not reside in shadows where morality is relative. This is something they cannot accept because they live in those shadows.


    Mr. President, the God of the Bible is a God of values and as long as He was a part of this country, we respected values and decency. Sadly, today America sees decency much differently. This is why it is losing a great cultural war. One only has to look on the internet to see how filth has saturated our land in the name of freedom no less. In short, the enemies of decency have demanded that America’s Great Moral Champion be removed from the debate. They claim that the rules prohibit Him from participating. They say that the men who built this land saw no use for Him in our government or its laws. This claim would be laughable if it wasn’t so precarious.


    Now, because the great doctrine of secularism goes virtually unchecked, one of our most cherished freedoms is being undermined. With each passing day it now becomes more difficult for “One nation under God” to proclaim that we are such a nation.  After all, to publicly acknowledge God is now regarded as unconstitutional. Even our children are being sold this fable in classrooms across this land.


    Mr. President, despite what so many believe today, the United States was never intended to be a nation that prohibited the public expression of faith. On the contrary, this country was built by men who had a profound respect for the God of the Bible. These founding fathers saw America as a nation of destiny and a land of promise. Furthermore, they saw an inextricable link between faith in God and the success of the republic.


    It is doubtful that any child attending a public school will ever hear about the profound reverence these patriots had for their Creator. This is because their words have been censured by America’s courts. Their voices have been silenced and their genuine expressions of faith have been hidden by those who believe that God and government are mortal enemies.


    Mr. President, why must we trample on the legacy left to us by those who loved freedom so much? These great men who gave their very lives for this country deserve better. Their words should not only be preserved but should ring throughout this land. Their eloquent declarations of faith cry out to be spoken with courage and force and most definitely without apology. It is for this reason that we appeal to you to speak the words of these great men to a nation that now thinks these words don’t even exist.


   Finally Mr. President, we appeal to you to show our country and the world that the United States is living proof that God is real—that His divine hand has touched this once great nation. But understand this, God will not be mocked. If those who believe the Great Moral Judge of heaven and earth is an intrusion on their liberties prevail in selling this lie, that Judge will remove His hand and let them see what freedom looks like without Him—and believe us, it won’t be pleasant.



Blow the Trumpet



Mr. President



In God We Trust