And if a kingdom be divided against itself,

that kingdom cannot stand.

Mark 3:24


    A s a Vice Presidential candidate on the 2004 Democratic ticket, former Senator John Edwards made frequent references to what he called “two Americas.”  Mr. Edwards clearly sees a country separated by privilege and station. To him the United States is a nation of the rich and the poor, a nation of those who have a voice and those whose voices are silent, a nation of those with health insurance and those who must go untreated, a nation of those who earn a living wage, enjoy a quality education, and possess a future paved with endless possibilities as opposed to one filled with hopelessness and dead ends.

    But is this really what divides the United States today? Would the eradication of poverty, ignorance, and even sickness unite our nation? Or, are these conditions symptomatic of a greater divide – one that threatens the very survival of the most powerful and prosperous nation in history? Truly this nation has become polarized into various factions united only by an intense hostility toward those who would question their motives and their means, as well as the goals that drive them. Whether it is Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, left or right, red states or blue states, the country that once stood as a shining city on a hill now finds itself in a state of moral, cultural, and spiritual disarray. As a result, a great calamity is lurking just a short distance away – one that may very well spell the end of this once exquisite city.

    This page of our web site addresses the great moral issues we face, and explains why all the money in the world cannot remedy the bitterness that has driven our leaders into multiple armed camps.  Furthermore, each article explains why man apart from an All Powerful God will never be able to put its house back together.

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