Speaking Truth to God's Church


Behind the Work Book Cover


 “Blessed is that servant whom his lord when he comes shall find so doing.”

Matthew 24:46




     The booklet you are about to read contains a description of a small but very important component of God’s end time work. It chronicles Blow the Trumpet’s role in proclaiming the gospel as a witness in accordance with Christ’s admonition (Mt. 24: 14).

     As you read through its pages it is important to understand that the work it describes is not exclusively ours. It is simply one part of a greater endeavor undertaken by numerous communities of faith—all dedicated to advancing the cause of God’s soon coming Kingdom. We offer it in an attempt to provide you with another piece of the Church’s rich history—one in which we are profoundly honored to be a part.

     It is our sincere desire that all of God’s people will be mindful of the great responsibility we share as instruments in the hands of our Creator and to remember that it is His work and not our own.




Blow the Trumpet


Part I

A Works Begins

    Blow the Trumpet was officially launched in January 2005, although it was on the Internet for testing purposes a few months prior to that. The actual design phase began in the summer of 2004. At that time, several hundred man hours were dedicated to creating a web site that spoke with force concerning the great issues facing this generation while at the same time maintaining a high level of dignity in its presentation. In other words, it was critical that Blow the Trumpet reflected the highest level of quality in both form and substance.

    From the very beginning, BTT’s purpose has been to proclaim a powerful warning to the world and to this nation. Additionally, it speaks to God’s Church—encouraging it to respect the truth and to love one another.

    Although it began as a small work, Blow the Trumpet has grown dramatically. Today it is one of the most prolific sites on the internet. Currently BTT has over 1,000 articles including a library with eight wings. Its numerous venues address a plethora of subjects ranging from Church doctrine to the great moral issues facing our world. Its page on abortion has over thirty articles alone plus one of the most powerful video presentations (The Great Massacre) ever produced on this subject.


    One of the signatures of Blow the Trumpet is its use of high quality “flash” presentations in conveying its message. There are nearly 50 such presentations ranging from 15 seconds to 3 minutes in length. For many, these brief video clips tell a story that words are incapable of expressing. In addition to flash presentations, BTT also contains numerous videos of far greater length. These videos include speeches from world leaders, historical presentations, and even footage as well as computer simulations of the attack on America on September 11, 2001.


    Perhaps the most talked about section of BTT is its page entitled “Mr. President.” This section contains a series of letters that were originally sent to George W. Bush shortly after his second inauguration and continue to be sent to those who succeed him. The words in these letters are forceful to say the least, prompting some COG leaders to openly condemn them. However, for the most part, they have been well received and described as very sobering yet deferential. Many have even wondered why major COG groups have not taken a similar approach in proclaiming the gospel.


Who We Are


    Blow the Trumpet is often asked who is behind this work. Its support, both financial and in the form of articles and studies comes from a variety of sources from all over the country. However, although several committed members of God’s Church have been instrumental in shaping its message, the primary architect of this very important project is Dennis Fischer.



     Dennis Fischer was born in Los Angeles in July 1948 to Roderic L. and Genene Avril Fischer. He is the second of three children. His older brother, Roderic Floyd Fischer, passed away in January 2005, while his twin sister Diane (three minutes younger) resides in Southern California. As a young boy Dennis along with his brother, contracted polio. Polio was a medical mystery at the time and in the case of the Fischers it would require years of physical therapy to beat it. However, both boys fully recovered and lived a very normal childhood.


    Dennis’ first contact with God’s Church occurred in the mid '60s. At that time, a friend of his mother Genene told her about Mr. Armstrong and the Radio Church of God. She contacted the Church shortly after that and requested to meet with a representative from Pasadena to discuss attending services.


    The associate pastor who first visited Mrs. Fischer expressed to her that he thought it was very unlikely that Dennis would accept the Church because of his deep involvement in high school life. He excelled in athletics (8 varsity letters) and held numerous school offices including Student Body President his senior year. Upon graduation, the faculty awarded him the distinction of Student of the Year.


    Dennis’ father was very antagonistic toward the Church and was furious when his son informed him that he wanted to begin his collegiate studies at Ambassador College instead of a more “prestigious” university. He had already been accepted to some of the most prominent schools in the country.


    Despite the explosive protest of his father, Dennis attended Ambassador’s Pasadena campus and later the University of Southern California (USC). He was baptized by Mr. Howard Clark in November 1968 during his sophomore year. Dennis describes his AC days as a rich experience with some self-inflicted disappointments. His academic performance was very modest, which surprised those closest to him. He rejected as a factor the stress of disappointing the father he so dearly loved.  According to Dennis, “I just dropped the ball.”


    Mr. Fischer’s professional background is somewhat diverse. He taught high school for five years, including coaching varsity basketball.  His teams were among the best in the state in their division with some of his players going on to play major college basketball. It was at this time that Mr. Fischer stopped attending services. Simply put, he “left the Church.” When describing the cause of his departure (1975-1981) Fischer acknowledges that it was “nothing other than complacency and I’m terribly ashamed of it.” 


    However, during these prodigal years, Dennis was presented with some very unique experiences. He was a featured speaker at the California Republican convention on two occasions. During that time he was approached by party leaders and asked to run for a seat in the US House of Representatives. He declined the invitation immediately.


    In 1981, Mr. Fischer, at the urging of his then-fiancée, Anne Rogers, resumed attending God’s Church in Reseda, California. Anne, who was introduced to the truth by Dennis, was baptized in 1982.  They were married at Ambassador College the following year. Mr. Fischer has repeatedly described his marriage as “the closest thing to perfection” he has ever witnessed. He would later say, “Annie is a combination of Ruth and Esther on their good days.” Years later he would have pictures of their wedding converted into a touching video (Dreams) and given to Anne on their twentieth anniversary. “It still makes me cry every time I see it,” said Anne. The video, which was produced by his close friend Randy Vild, actually helped inspire the format of Blow the Trumpet.


    In December 1984, Anne gave birth to the Fischer’s only son, David John. “DJ,” as he is called, has been a source of immense joy to his parents. Throughout his school years his teachers repeatedly touted him as a model student. His high school water polo coach referred to him as “the gift.” DJ excelled as a competitive swimmer, winning numerous medals in various meets including the Junior Olympics. However, one moment in his swimming career had a profound impact on the Fischers. It occurred in the fall of 1999, three months before his 15th birthday.


The Drowning


   At the conclusion of a “High Stress Level” workout, DJ blacked out and sank to the bottom of the team’s pool. Remarkably, this took place at the precise time his team was preparing to go to their locker room, thus no one saw him. A few minutes later as he lay still, 12 feet below the water’s surface, his coach came out to retrieve some equipment that had been left behind. At this time he saw David and knew the situation was critical. DJ was immediately retrieved from the pool and administered CPR by Dr. Lennis Burke, a pediatric cardiologist and his wife, Mary Ann (also a doctor), who were parents of one of DJ’s teammates. For several minutes there was no respiration or pulse. The following week when recounting the event, Dr. Burke would tell Mr. Fischer that for a moment, “David was gone.”


    In many respects, everything about this apparent tragedy was surrounded by God’s presence. For example, Dr. Burke was almost never at the pool. He just, for no apparent reason, decided to drop by—arriving as DJ was being pulled out of the water. Dr. Burke knew David well because his son Patrick and DJ were best friends. They shared the same events (Breaststroke and Sprints) and even shared the same birthday. They were inseparable at meets and the Burkes genuinely loved David. It was Patrick who actually pulled him from the bottom of the pool. Some who were there as the rescue was taking place said, “Dr. Burke fought to save him [David] like he was his own son.”


    Although the poolside rescue resuscitated DJ, the emergency was far from over. His skin was very jaundice in color and he was barely conscious. Physically, he was almost limp. Additionally, all his vital signs were very erratic and required immediate attention. He was transported by ambulance to the nearby trauma center of a prominent hospital. At this point, one of David’s coaches called Mr. Fischer and advised him that there had been an accident involving his son at the pool. When Mr. Fischer asked if everything was ok, the coach responded, “It’s pretty serious.” 


    The coach’s tone was unmistakable. As Mr. Fischer was driven by his sister to the hospital (he decided not to drive himself because of the stress) he began imagining what life would be like without his only child. “I actually started to prepare for DJ’s funeral. I know this sounds strange, but I had resigned myself to accepting the worst. I thought of who we would invite and all the arrangements. My heart also went out to Jeff Thornton (David’s coach). He was a man of remarkable discipline and talentand David admired him so much.”


    When Mr. Fischer arrived at the hospital, he was met by Coach Thornton, who had been crying. “It was clear he was devastated over this,” Fischer said, when recounting the incident. Inside the trauma center, doctors explained that it was critical that David’s “vitals” be stabilized. They explained that they would have to do a tracheotomy if his numbers didn’t change quickly. After connecting him to three monitors, the medical team presiding over this emergency decided to give him a few minutes to see what would happen. Two physicians were placed in an adjoining room and anxiously watched corresponding monitors tracking David’s activity.


    At this time, Mr. Art Braidic, a close friend and pastor of the Fischers arrived at the hospital and anointed their son. Immediately, David’s vitals stabilized. “It was amazing to see the three monitors in the room all race toward normal levels,” his father would say. One week later, DJ had resumed a full workout regimen and within two months won a bronze medal at the Winter Age Group championships. His friend Patrick won a gold medal and set a national mark in the Breaststroke.


    This experience had a profound impact on Mr. Fischer and would be instrumental in shaping his appreciation for God as a REAL Healer.


Returning to the '80s


    While attending the Reseda congregation from ‘81-'86, Dennis’ pastor and mentor was Mr. Ron Laughland, a man for whom he has enormous respect. Mr. Laughland inspired a huge desire in him to passionately study God’s word and to be ready always to give an answer of the hope that lies within him. According to Mr. Fischer, “You can still see a little of Ron Laughland in me and I’m honored to say that.”


    Dennis and his family continued attending the Reseda congregation until 1993 when the “new understanding” coming out of Pasadena (WCG headquarters) led him to resign his membership. At that time his pastor was Mr. James Friddle. When describing his decision to leave WCG Dennis said, “I really liked Mr. Friddle, but I hated what was going on in God’s Church.” He would later acknowledge that a widely circulated sermon by Mr. Dave Pack called “Thirty Reasons” was instrumental in persuading him to withdraw his affiliation with the WCG.


The Corporate World


    After a brief teaching career during the '70s, Mr. Fischer entered the corporate world serving as a Vice President for a multi-billion dollar thrift institution—working in their administrative offices in Simi Valley, California. While there, he oversaw four retail banking departments, including its video production group. There, he produced numerous training videos as well as high-energy multi-media productions used in corporate sales rallies and national conferences. He was also commissioned to write speeches for senior executives including the Chairman of the Board. He served in this capacity for approximately ten years. During this time, Mr. Fischer traveled extensively spending as much as a thousand hours a year giving presentations to clients as well as company personnel.


    During the nineties, Mr. Fischer headed up the major accounts division of a leading research firm specializing in analyzing sales and service cultures for some of the premier financial institutions in the country. At this time, he and his family began attending the recently formed Global Church of God in Sierra Madre, California. It is there that he developed a close friendship with his pastor, Mr. Art Braidic. That friendship would grow immensely, in part because of tragedies that would later beset both of them.


    Dennis and his family remained in what became the Living Church of God until 1999. At that time he was approached by his closest friend, Mardy Cobb, and asked to help him form a group for a small community who were still attending the Worldwide Church of God. Mr. Cobb was also attending the WCG when he sought Dennis’ help in this endeavor. Mr. Fischer consented in an effort to bring his dear friend out of the apostasy that had so infested that once-great church. The good news is that it worked. The bad news is that it didn’t work the way he thought it would, and as a result, created a rift between him and his dear friend. When describing his reason for helping Mr. Cobb, Mr. Fischer said, “I honestly thought this was simply a step to lead some of God’s people to a group that was already established, or at the very least to seek out an ordained pastor to care for them. As it turned out, that wasn’t the case.”


    The estrangement between Dennis and Mardy has been characterized by Dennis as “the greatest failure of my life.” He would later confess, “I am still heartbroken by it and ache for the time when we will be reconciled. Mardy was my dearest friend and I love him as much today as I ever have. He just wanted something from me I couldn’t give.”


    It was during this time that Mr. Fischer began to suffer a huge financial setback. The business he helped to build and which had thrived throughout the nineties was now failing. In an attempt to sustain it, he dedicated virtually all of his assets to its operation. The strategy failed and Mr. Fischer and the family he loved so much found themselves with nothing. For the next several months they lived a transient life. They resided in motels and later at the homes of friends. They even spent a few nights sleeping in a borrowed car. This was such a stark contrast to a life of luxury automobiles, large homes and exotic vacations that was so commonplace for them.


    However, this tragedy did reveal something about his family that Mr. Fischer cherishes to this very day. He described it this way: “At a time when my family could have fallen apart, it seemed to grow stronger. I never felt more loved and respected by Annie and David than I did during this great trial.”


    Shortly before this, Mr. Fischer’s close friendship with Art Braidic would be transformed from that of member-pastor to brother-brother. During this period, Mr. Braidic resigned from the Global Church of God. Much has been said about the reason for this decision, including a lot of finger pointing at Mr. Braidic. However, Dennis was deeply struck by his former pastor’s humility when dealing with this low point in his life. Recently, he responded to a prominent COG group that vilified his friend for past mistakes.


“With respect to Mr. Art Braidic I will say this: I have never known a man I respected or admired more, including Mr. Armstrong, or even my own father for that matter. This highly flawed Christian is more than decent. He is good. I have watched him humble himself in ways that would terrify self-righteous hypocrites like those who would rather slander him than forgive him. I, for one, would bet a fortune that he has even moved God Himself to tears of joy.


"Art Braidic has quietly comforted the weak, cared for the poor, counseled scores of disenfranchised casualties of God’s Church, and has never asked for anything in return. In addition to that, he has been my friend beyond measure. To say that I love him is an immense understatement.”


    During the late '90s, Mr. Braidic was committed to reconstructing a life that appeared to be shattered. However, instead of walking away from his association with God’s people, he began to dedicate himself to God and His work as never before. Because he was a devoted student of the Bible, he began investing great amounts of energy to writing. At this time he approached Mr. Fischer to assist him in producing several booklets. Mr. Fischer willingly consented and the publishing team of Braidic & Fischer was born. Since its inception, they have co-authored several articles and numerous booklets including:

    Dennis affectionately describes his writing relationship with Mr. Braidic this way. “Mr. ‘B’ gives our work life. I give it manners.”


"It Came Without Warning"


    In 2002, Mr. Fischer embarked on two significant writing projects. The first was a work entitled:

"It Came Without Warning"

   This book examines the attack on America on September 11, 2001. It sets this tragedy to the backdrop of the Olivet Prophecy and how Jesus’ words relate to the world, to the nation and to the church. This book crystallized in Dennis’ mind a great need for God’s people to preach the gospel as a warning witness. It even chastises COG leaders for softening their message. It was during this time that Dennis began seriously pondering the idea of Blow the Trumpet.


"A Sabbath Test"


    The second writing project involved an examination of the issue of dining out on the Sabbath.

"A Sabbath Test"

     Mr. Braidic had approached Dennis on this idea because of its widespread practice in the church. Both of them had engaged in this sin themselves but had repented of it after an exhaustive study on the subject.


    What would follow would be the most comprehensive work on this issue ever produced in God’s Church. At first, Braidic and Fischer thought A Sabbath Test would be well received by the leaders of God’s people. Its message was so clear. But even more than that, it was totally non-judgmental. The book’s introduction put it this way.


“This booklet is not an attempt to condemn the wonderful community of believers who are called according to His purpose. Instead, it is written with the profound hope that these believers will carefully examine their approach to a day God Himself calls 'HOLY.' It is intended to challenge you to consider your attitude as well as your behavior concerning the fourth commandment.” (A Sabbath Test)


    However, what began as a simple and quiet expression of faith turned out to be one of the most explosive books to hit the COG in years. In the summer of 2005 it would even spark a heated debate between a prominent COG splinter group and Blow the Trumpet. While most COG leaders rejected its message, its story has played out much differently among members.


    The issue of dining out on the Sabbath began to take center stage on the Internet. Numerous chat rooms and forums began seriously addressing the subject. As a result, a tide of change could be seen coming over the church. This is not to suggest that the majority of God’s people concur with the book’s argument, but it has moved hundreds, if not thousands, to turn from this practice and to speak with confidence concerning their change of heart.


    It was during this time (2002), that the Fischers began attending the United Church of God in Eagle Rock, California. Their pastor was Mr. Robin Webber, a man Dennis had known from his days in Ambassador College. Dennis connected with Mr. Webber’s teaching style and characterized him as an excellent pastor. He also believes Mr. Webber’s wife Susan is “a wonderful model of Christianity.”


    In June 2003, the Fischers moved to Everett, Washington, a “blue collar” community on the Puget Sound. They attend services with the United Church of God in Bellevue. Their pastor was Mr. Dennis Luker. Mr. Luker, a long time evangelist in God’s Church and a man for whom Mr. Fischer has great respect. “There is not a finer man in God’s work. Everything about Mr. and Mrs. Luker reflects dignity. They are a model of how a pastor and his wife should lead God’s people.” Later, Fischer would actually dedicate his most significant book to Mr. Luker.


"A Vision, A Plan and A Destiny" 


    Shortly after the Feast of Tabernacles in 2003, Mr. Fischer began what he describes as the most significant writing project of his life. “Nothing will ever touch it,” he said. He approached this undertaking at the urging of his friend and frequent co-author, Art Braidic. However, this time there would be no collaboration. This endeavor would represent everything Dennis believes about God’s plan and mankind’s part in it. Six months later, the final touches were being put on a 350 page work entitled:

"A Vision, A Plan and A Destiny"

    It is a gripping story of how God will ultimately accomplish something He purposed in His heart before the universe came into existence.


    Mr. Fischer speaks with great affection regarding the message proclaimed in this remarkable book. “I want readers to go away understanding that God is not only POWERFUL and RESOLUTE, He is also TENDER beyond measure and His commitment to drawing His children to Himself is unwavering.”


    The first comment Fischer received by a reader referred to the book as “emotional and compelling.” Some have even called it the perfect companion to Mystery of the Ages. Fischer described it this way: “It is well worth a read. Not because of who wrote it, but because of Who it is written about. I can’t imagine anyone reading it and not liking God.” 


Blow the Trumpet


    While Mr. Fischer was involved in writing It Came Without Warning in 2002, he was also becoming frustrated by what he thought was the church’s passive approach to preaching the gospel. It was simply inconceivable to him that prominent figures in the church couldn’t see the urgency of the times and take action. He even contemplated that the events of 9/11 were just as much a warning to God’s people as they were to the descendants of ancient Israel. His frustration came to a head when attending a COG-sponsored “Prophecy Seminar.” It was there that one of the presenters suggested that the church should guard against giving messages that offend those outside their community of faith. This high-ranking leader also argued that God’s people cannot know for sure if they are living in the last days. Dennis would later express his feelings this way: “How can you proclaim an end-time warning when you’re afraid of hurting people's feelings and you don’t think it’s the end time?”


    At this point, Mr. Fischer began seriously contemplating producing a high-energy web site dedicated to proclaiming a hard-hitting message. That message would warn that God takes defiance to His law very personally and that He is going to take action in correcting mankind for thinking that there are no consequences to sin.


    He then began sharing the idea of taking an Ezekiel warning public with his closest friends. Because some of these friends had positions of modest influence in various COG "splinter" groups, a decision was made to remain anonymous. Dennis would later say, “Some may disagree with our level of secrecy but to us it just made sense. We were not trying to "grandstand" with the site. We just saw a need and decided to address it. Actually, we were hoping that one of the larger groups would be encouraged to be more bold in their message. We even considered the possibility of handing off Blow the Trumpet to others and return to our roles as normal (if there is such a thing) members.”



     One COG member Fischer shared his vision with was Randy Vild. Mr. Vild is one of the most enthusiastic students of the Bible in the Churches of God. His energy is simply captivating. Mr. Fischer describes it this way. “Randy is one of the great treasures of the church. His passion is something that cannot be faked. He is the real thing.”


    When Mr. Vild heard about the idea of presenting a more direct and forceful message over the Internet, he began drafting ideas on how this could be accomplished with the highest level of effectiveness. Because he already possessed considerable skill in this area, Randy provided much needed expertise. First, he was familiar with web site technology. He actually had his own video production company that also specialized in web building. Secondly, Randy possessed an incredible appetite for learning and personal skill development. He was constantly acquiring new techniques that would add greater impact to BTT’s message. Third, he is a GREAT listener. The value of this skill cannot be overstated. One example of this talent became very apparent in January of last year when BTT was preparing a section of its site that would address the issue of abortion.


    At some point Mr. Fischer thought a video presentation on this subject would have the potential to genuinely touch visitors in a way the written word just could not. He discussed the idea at length with Randy, after which he (Fischer) developed a storyboard and script of the concept. Here is how Fischer describes what happen next.


“Randy examined the concept with remarkable focus. It was almost as if he got into a zone on this. After dozens of painstaking hours he returned with his interpretation of our request. The result was a video clip that has touched scores of lives. Furthermore, it was accomplished without one edit. I dare anyone to watch this (The Great Massacre) and not be moved.”


    In addition to his technical skill, Randy possessed immense artistic talents that he willingly contributed to this endeavor. He is an accomplished musician and has even produced his own CD called The World to Come. It was actually Randy’s idea to integrate music into Blow the Trumpet’s message. This is something unique among COG web sites and has been applauded by numerous visitors as a remarkable feature. According to Fischer, “We were a little reticent at first, but now we wouldn’t change it for the world."


    At first Randy’s role was that of webmaster. In that capacity he oversaw all the technical operations of BTT. This included obtaining the domain name, assisting in site design, and interfacing with the server. However, it soon became apparent that his involvement was much greater than that of an independent contractor. He was totally invested in the motivation behind this project. Furthermore, like everyone connected with Blow the Trumpet, Randy was keenly aware of the urgency of this project. In this regard he sought out ways to make BTT more visible to the public. The intent was not to make the numbers grow, but rather to make the site more accessible.


    Randy’s association with God’s church is a story that may have shaped his involvement with Blow the Trumpet today. His first contact with it occurred in 1986. At that time he was a high school student with a passion for sports and music. After watching The World Tomorrow telecast, Randy was convinced that he had discovered a great truth. No one else in his family shared this belief, but that was not going to deter him.


    He would later attend Sabbath services in Reseda, California, where Dennis Fischer and his family were also attending. Mr. Fischer actually coached the YOU basketball team Randy (number 11) played on. Today the spark of their recollections of this time are still strong and the stories of their conquests on the hardwood are a source of great joy to them. As Fischer puts it, "There is still a young kid in both of us that’s just dying to get out.”




    Like Mr. Fischer, Randy had also left the church and didn’t return for over a decade. He describes this part of his life as “one filled with bad decisions.” However, Randy’s past has not deterred his optimism about the future—a fact to which those who know him will attest. Today, his entire life is consumed with the Kingdom. You cannot talk to Randy for 5 minutes without hearing about the hope that lies within him. Mr. Fischer described his zeal for God’s kingdom this way: “Randy is absolutely fearless when it comes to declaring his faith. He speaks of it without shame. It is nothing short of inspiring.” 

A Perfect Match


    The combination of Randy Vild’s unique talents and artistry and the clear vision and storytelling skill of Dennis Fischer were a perfect match for the work that lay before them. That, along with the support of others in various COG groups, gave Blow the Trumpet the start it needed. In the summer of 2004 the design phase of the project began. In November, articles began being assembled and published, not the least of which was A Sabbath Test. In January Blow the Trumpet was formally launched and the rest, as they say, is history.


    However, the first year was only a start. The greatest work lies yet ahead. Perhaps the video clip that introduces our mission statement says it best: “The time is short. The work is Great. And the laborers are few.” We at Blow the Trumpet echo those sentiments.

Part II

Speaking Truth to Power


     Throughout the scriptures men of conviction have been faced with great challenges, not the least of which was to speak out when silence would be safer. Whether it was Moses confronting Pharaoh, Elijah confronting the priests of Baal on Mt. Carmel, Jeremiah leveling blistering rebukes against Judah, or Daniel taking an uncompromising stand—even when threatened with execution, there have been times when genuine courage had to be summoned. To this end, Blow the Trumpet Has engaged in several projects directed at proclaiming an Ezekiel warning to the leaders of this nation as well as to the leaders of God’s Church.


     In 2005, as George W. Bush was taking his second oath of office, Blow the Trumpet made a decision to formally appeal to the leaders of the United States to change the direction the nation has taken. This appeal was done with a series of letters directing the president’s attention to some of the great moral evils facing the United States. The letters (five in all), although respectful, are very direct and warn that unless this nation makes radical changes, it will find itself on the wrong end of God’s judgment.


Mr. President



    As companions Blow the Trumpet created multiple wings addressing such issues as abortion, moral depravity and secularism. It has also chronicled the impact of terrorism on the world.


An American Holocaust


You Gotta See the Baby!



     “An American Holocaust,” which addresses the horrors of abortion, contains numerous articles, videos and audio commentaries on this highly contentious issue. It is an outstanding resource for those genuinely desiring to know the plain truth regarding one of the most horrific practices in history.


Moral Depravity


20010613 SAME SEX

     Although pro-homosexuality advocates defend sodomy on both moral and constitutional grounds, it is neither. Not only is this sin soundly condemned in scripture, but virtually all the founding fathers as well as the thirteen original colonies regarded it as abhorrent. For example:

  • George Washington court martialed homosexuals. He forbid this sin in the military and said:

“…the Commander in Chief… with Abhorrence and Detestation of such Infamous Crimes [sodomy]…”

  • The Ninth Law Made in America with the Laws of Virginia 1610 is:

“No man shall commit the horrible and detestable sins of sodomy [homosexuality]…”

  • Thomas Jefferson authored a bill to castrate rapists and homosexuals. He wrote:

“Crimes whose punishment goes to LIMB. {1. Rape 2. Sodomy} Dismemberment.”

  • Noah Webster, the Schoolmaster of the Republic, wrote in the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary   

“Sodomy: A crime against nature.”


  • The 1833 Encyclopedia Britannica taught that homosexuality was:

“The nameless crime, which was the disgrace of Greek and Roman civilization…”


     Unfortunately, this nation has made a radical turn from the original intent of its founders. Today’s leaders now defend this egregious sin. Here is how President Barack Obama expressed his view.:


As an African-American man, a child of an interracial marriage, and one who works to protect the Bill of Rights, I am sensitive to the issue of civil rights for the LGBT community as if they were my own struggle

For the record, I opposed the Defense of Marriage Act. It should be repealed. I also oppose any proposal to amend the U.S. Constitution to ban gays and lesbians from marrying. This is an effort to demonize people for political advantage, and should be resisted....


     The “Moral Depravity” wing of our sight examines this issue in the context of God’s word, and exposes how this debate has been manipulated by a culture bent on redefining the purpose of marriage and family. It contains well over a dozen thought provoking articles, videos and audio commentaries.

     Our indictment of this nation also includes literally scores of articles and videos addressing a host of contemporary problems. One only has to visit the numerous sub-directories to confirm this truth. Each one contains a collection of comprehensive essays on a host of topics.

An American Heritage


     One particular series of directories on Blow the Trumpet that truly distinguishes it from all other COG sites examines the moral and ethical foundation on which the United States was built. This is achieved via hundreds of articles and documents as well as scores of links providing video dramatizations of some of the most significant events in American history. Whether it is the resignation and subsequent pardon of Richard Nixon or a dramatic and very detailed reconstruction of September 11, 2001 provided in a 45 minute video by President George Bush, these pages are an extraordinary resource. They include but are not limited to:  


“In Their Own Words”


This page presents direct quotes from twenty of America’s founding fathers declaring a profound faith in the God of the Bible and the role He played in the formation of the nation.


”A Deficit in Decency”


On February 12, 2004, Zell Miller, the distinguished senator from the state of Georgia, addressed his legislative colleagues regarding the moral decline of this nation and the brazen contempt many Americans now display toward the God of heaven. His words are compelling and are reminiscent of those uttered by the prophets of old. This page contains a transcript and a video of Senator Miller’s remarks.


“Could Fifty States be Wrong?”


Although secularists claim there is a constitutional prohibition against any expression of faith by the government, this is simply not true. This page contains the preamble of every state constitution in the country. In every one of them God is directly acknowledged as the source of our nations liberty and its manifold blessings.


“Things They Don’t Teach in Public Schools”


This page contains twenty two historical facts that are prohibited from being taught in public schools because they reveal a conviction in the authority of the God of the Bible and clearly acknowledge His influence on American life.


“Great Scientists and God”


This page identifies history’s greatest scientific minds and how they viewed God as the force behind everything in the universe.


“Great Musicians and God”


This page provides a glimpse into the lives of four of the greatest composers in history (Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and Handel) and how their work was shaped by their relationship with the God of the Bible.


“Great American Documents”


This page contains over one hundred documents that shaped human history. It includes such manifestos as the Declaration of Independence, the Magna Carta, and the Mayflower Compact to name just a few. We have also included some video presentations of dramatic readings and historical observations surrounding their creation.


“American Presidents”


This page contains brief biographies of all forty four American presidents and includes over two hundred video presentations of significant events that occurred during their administrations. Among the videos are three major motion pictures and one concert.


A Worldwide Warning


     Just days before His arrest, trial and crucifixion, Jesus provided a graphic description of what the world would be like just prior to His return. Included in this description were religious conditions, racial strife and natural disasters to name just a few. This warning is also proclaimed in part, by Blow the Trumpet, in our wing entitled “To the World.” This section of our site contains numerous sub-directories cataloging various world conditions including a comprehensive chronicle of over 1,000 acts of terror that have taken place since 911. It was added to Blow the Trumpet in 2010.

Global Terrorism




Speaking Truth to God's Church


     Earlier we mentioned that the book A Sabbath Test sparked an intense debate over the issue of dining out on the Sabbath. The debate became highly visible because Blow the Trumpet took the bold step of sending copies to the leaders of numerous COG fellowships.


     One leader, Mr. David Pack of the Restored Church of God. On June 16, 2005, Mr. David C. Pack published a scathing indictment of the book and assailed its co-authors, accusing them of being “self-appointed critics” and “pharisaical Laodiceans” driven by a desire to discredit Mr. Herbert W Armstrong. He also claimed that their motivation was a desire to exploit the brethren for profit and spearhead a movement for their own aggrandizement. His condemnation of the book and its premise, as well as those who wrote it, appears on his web site under the banner Surviving Perilous Times” Article Five.


     The vitriol unleashed in Mr. Pack’s article looked less like scholarship and more like a COG leader throwing a tantrum in print. Furthermore, his approach made it clear that he was genuinely frustrated by the powerful logic presented in a book he so passionately condemns. As a result, instead of addressing the avalanche of scriptural evidence presented in A Sabbath Test, Mr. Pack’s rebuttal was limited to a series of human arguments and circular reasoning followed by a stream of personal attacks and insults. In truth, his defense of dining out on the Sabbath was not remotely based on “scriptural facts” as he had promised.


     Because of the HUGE doctrinal error employed by Mr. Pack when rationalizing his defense of this sin, Blow the Trumpet took the unprecedented step of creating an entire wing dedicated to addressing each of his arguments.



David C. Pack


A Sabbath Test





     Our rebuttal became so frustrating to this leader that the Restored Church of God vigorously denied that he wrote their article at all. Furthermore, they claimed that Blow the Trumpet knew this all along and acknowledged it in a private email to them. This of course was NOT true at all—and when we offered the Restored Church of God $10,000 to produce the email, they were never able to do so.


     Because of the Restored Church of God’s obsession with distorting the facts, Blow the Trumpet decided to produce a chronicle of events detailing the specifics of what occurred between the RCG and Blow the Trumpet and how it shaped the debate.


Timeline of Events





    As a result of an outpouring of comments supporting our rebuttal of Mr. Pack and his manipulative arguments defending buying and selling on the Sabbath, a significant change in our approach to this debate was born. Because we began receiving numerous requests asking us to respond to position papers of other COG’s on this subject, a decision was made to create a special wing dedicated exclusively to the Sabbath.




    “Honoring God’s Sabbath” contains numerous books, articles and messages focusing on the Sabbath and Holy Days. It is here that our rebuttal to Dave Pack appears. Additionally, we produced responses to other prominent groups—the most notable of which was the United Church of God.


The United Church of God


A Sabbath Test

     In February 2003, UCG's doctrinal committee published a paper entitled “Principles of Sabbath Observance/Eating Out on the Sabbath.” This document, which defends the practice, claims to present the Biblical view on this issue. However, instead of presenting God's wisdom on this topic, these church leaders employed what would best be described as sophistry when making their case. Throughout their paper, they argued that God's word is silent on this issue. After all, there is not one reference to "restaurants" in the scriptures and only two references to "buying and selling." Additionally, they claimed that those who labor in restaurants on the Sabbath are not "their servants," but rather the servants of restaurant owners. Therefore, according to them, God condones the practice of His people seeking out these unbelievers and paying them to labor on their behalf on holy time. At one point, they actually argued that dining out on the Sabbath can be more in keeping with the fourth commandment than eating at home. Here is how they put it.

"It is actually less work for many to eat in a restaurant and pay for the meal than it is to have a group of people in your home to eat on the Sabbath. Even if you work diligently to prepare everything the day before, there will still be work involved when one entertains others in his home."



     Because of the close relationship many of us at Blow the Trumpet enjoyed with the United Church of God, as well as numerous requests from UCG members to press this issue, a decision was made in 2006 to commission a response to their study paper. After several months, we produced a comprehensive rebuttal titled "The United Church of God vs A Sabbath Test." This work represents a thorough examination of the UCG position on this issue. In it, we present the fallacy of their arguments and expose them to be nothing more than a desperate attempt to justify a behavior that flies in the face of God's Sabbath law. Quite frankly, their defense of this practice is built on a foundation of "What ifs?" and "Yeah buts" and reflects a mindset that is foreign to the scriptures.

     Upon its completion, we posted our rebuttal on Blow the Trumpet's web site. We also sent a copy to Mr. Clyde Kilough, UCG's president, appealing to him to address this issue. The cover letter attached to our rebuttal was signed by Dennis Fischer and Randy Vild because of the roles they play at Blow the Trumpet as well as their personal relationships with, and respect for, the UCG.

     However, Mr. Kilough advised them that it was UCG policy that such papers go through a submission process and that in order for it to be considered, it would have to be submitted through a local pastor. Because Mr. Fischer attended UCG's Seattle, Washington congregation at the time, he submitted our rebuttal to Mr. Dennis Luker.

     Even though Mr. Luker did not agree with our position he felt it warranted a response. He actually said something to the effect of "The Sabbath is important and this topic deserves to be addressed." This was done in January 2007. Approximately a month later he informed Mr. Fischer that he (Fischer) could expect a response from UCG’s doctrinal group in two months.

     Almost two months to the day, Mr. Fischer received a seventeen page letter from UCG’ Advisory Committee for Doctrine. During this two month period Blow the Trumpet pulled our rebuttal from our web site as a courtesy to Mr. Kilough and the UCG Doctrinal Committee. This was done to give them an opportunity to seriously address the issues we raised concerning their position.

A Disappointing Reply

    Regrettably, the counter points they offered when justifying their position was nothing less than a very carnal parade of the same old excuses. Additionally, because the UCG declined our invitation to publicly address this issue in the spirit of Acts 15, we were compelled to continue our defense of God's word over the internet. Therefore, in June 2007 we re-published our rebuttal to their study paper with one notable addition. We also included the counter arguments they presented in their letter to Mr. Fischer, as well as his (Fischer’s) personal response to their counter points. Although our revised rebuttal is quite lengthily it is extremely thorough and well worth investigating.

The Debate Continues

     Regrettably, others within the body of Christ continued to wage an assault on A Sabbath Test and its authors. One such gentleman was Richard George of the Living Church of God and a long standing member of the church. In a lengthy, albeit very creative letter he accused the authors of A Sabbath Test of having "an ax to grind" and relying on "clever and plausible" false arguments in their teaching on this subject. At one point he referred to the reasoning of these men as a "subtle distortion" and their position a "slick misrepresentation."

     Additionally, he chided them for being guilty of repeatedly relying on human reasoning when advancing their position, while at the same time asserting that he would never do such a thing. However, at one point in his letter Mr. George actually characterized restaurants as a type of "meal utility," much the same as one's electricity is a power utility. Furthermore, he proclaimed the Sabbath was now a "Pilgrimage feast," and as such afforded it the same consideration as God's annual holy days. However, in order to reconcile his Sabbath dining practices he also revoked God's prohibition against buying and selling on His annual Holy Days.


     Mr. George also proclaimed that dining out on the Sabbath was actually a "gift God gives to His people" because of the great joy they derive from it. But above that, this man suggested that the source that inspired A Sabbath Test was none other than Satan the devil.

"Given all the considerations herein, a god who would throw people into the Fire Lake [a false assertion he attributes to A Sabbath Test] because they sincerely sought to obey Him by this means [dining out on the Sabbath] is unworthy of worship, which suggests where the inspiration for this view may really come from, whether you realize it or not."

     At every turn Mr. George saw words that were clearly intended to be a source of hope and inspiration as words of dread. He saw the authors of A Sabbath Test as the purveyors of bondage and legalism and those who believe their message as gullible and lacking his (Mr. George's) skills in "critical analysis."

     After carefully reviewing Mr. George's letter, Blow the Trumpet prepared a detailed series of over twenty rebuttals to its numerous attempts to prove that God’s people may seek out unbelievers on holy time and pay them for the fruit of their labor and think the Lord of heaven and earth actually approves of it. Suffice it to say we didn't agree and our response makes that abundantly clear.

Defending Sin From the Pulpit

     Not only have leaders used booklets and articles to defend the practice of purchasing meals on the Sabbath and Holy Days, some have presented sermons dedicated to rationalizing this sin. One such minister was Mr. John Ritenbaugh who serves as the Director of the Church of the Great God.


     On December 15, 2007, Mr. Ritenbaugh presented a sermon on this issue. This prominent COG leader spent 75 minutes denigrating A Sabbath Test, and its authors, while thoroughly distorting the scriptures in his defense of this sin.



Mr. John Ritenbaugh

Church of the Great God

     Furthermore, at no time during his message did he cite the fourth commandment, mention Nehemiah's prohibition against buying and selling on the Sabbath and holy days, or quote one syllable from A Sabbath Test. He did however, suggest that demon possession may be the real force behind Braidic and Fischer's belief on this issue. When describing this assertion, the Church of the Great God's web site put it this way:

"Extreme positions taken by some presumptuous individuals may have been influenced by demons."

     Although we deeply respect Mr. Ritenbaugh and his work, he is profoundly wrong on this issue. For this reason, Blow the Trumpet produced a detailed response to every point he raised and when doing so never implied that he was influenced by demons or driven by some sinister motive. Furthermore, out of respect for his ministry we even published a full transcript of his message as well as an audio of the complete sermon.


Another Leading Minister Speaks


     On August 1st, 2009 a long standing minister of the United Church of God gave a sermon defending the practice of dining out in restaurants on the Sabbath. In the weeks prior to his message he confidently announced to his congregation that he was going to put this issue to rest once and for all. In the wake of his sermon Blow the Trumpet was contacted by members of his congregation and asked if we would respond.


"Defending God's Sabbath"

     One month later, Mr. Dennis Fischer, co-author of A Sabbath Test gave a very detailed response to this minister’s message. In it he deconstructed five major arguments presented by this COG leader and illustrated why the scriptures he cited as proof texts actually disproved his argument.

     Fischer concluded his message by citing the words of God Almighty through Jeremiah warning Judah that they would suffer greatly if they continued to trample on His Sabbath. Then, in what is arguably one of the most powerful ending ever presented on this critical end time issue, Fischer thundered out a series of question that cut straight to this minister’s sermon while exhorting God’s people to seriously investigate this issue because it may literally be a matter of life and death.

Consolidating the Arguments


     Although Blow the Trumpet never expected to be God’s voice in the debate over buying and selling on the Sabbath, it is not likely that Nehemiah saw himself in that role either. With that said, Blow the Trumpet has become the most prolific source of information on this issue in the history of this era of God’s Church.


     However, in 2010 a decision was made to consolidate the many arguments advanced by those bent on justifying the practice of seeking out Sabbath-breakers and paying them to sin on their behalf. One year later the project was completed.


Thirty Excuses for Dining Out on the Sabbath Day


     This 230 page work deconstructs the 30 most popular arguments presented by COG leaders today in defense of this sin.  As one examines each point it becomes clear that the advocates of this practice reject the undeniable injunction in God’s word and have replaced it with a mountain of human reasoning and contorted logic. It is our belief that “Thirty Excuses” represents the last word on this issue—or at least we hope so.


Part III

The Estrangement


     In 2008, the Eternal Church of God, under the leadership of Art Braidic and Terry Moore published a booklet entitled “Can Spirit Die?” This work attempts to prove that the great angelic world God created billions of years ago is not incorruptible as originally thought, but rather capable of being annihilated just like the physical universe we see around us today. They base this belief on a premise that claims “if God created it, He can destroy it.”


     These men also assert that Satan’s ultimate fate is not everlasting darkness as the church once believed (Jude 13), but rather eternal death. After all, according to them, because the Bible declares that the wages of sin is death (Ro. 6:23)—as well as declaring that the Almighty is not a respecter of persons (Acts 10:34), this law must apply to angels as well as humans. However, at this point it is interesting to note that the same apostle (Paul) who spoke of the “wages of sin,” specifically stated that he was only referring to the human family—NOT ANGELS (Rom. 6:19).


     Furthermore, these COG leaders never explain why God ever created a physical universe If spirit beings are mortal just like human beings. What purpose could there be for a molecular world with scores of physical laws that govern it?


     Another point never broached by these men is why the Azazel goat (which symbolizes Satan) was led away ALIVE into a solitary place totally separated from God’s people (Lev.16:21-22). Why wasn’t it killed? After all, according to them, death not isolation is what ultimately awaits this once majestic archangel.  They also never explain how Satan and his demons can die in the second death when they never die a first time? In other words, why is Satan bound up during the millennium instead of allowed to pass away—and then be resurrected at some later point, like man? And why are demons incarcerated in Tattaroo (2 Pet. 2:4)—a dark and woeful place? Why aren’t they simply put to sleep and raised to life for God’s final judgment, like man (Dan. 12:2, Heb. 9:27)?


Something to Think About


     At this point, it is interesting to note that virtually every human being who is cast into the lake of fire dies at some point during his or her physical life (Heb. 9:27)—thus the lake of fire is literally their “SECOND DEATH.” This fact is made more intriguing when one considers that the opposite is true for spirit beings. In other words, NOT one spirit being, that is cast into the lake of fire, has ever experienced death at all. Now for the irony—although never killed, virtually every one of these evil spirits will have experienced prolonged confinement and total isolation prior to God’s final judgment. This now begs an important question: What is it about Satan and his demons that require them to remain alive until their final judgment is carried out, while just the opposite is the case for mankind? Why must human beings and spirit beings be treated so differently if their ultimate fate is the same?—in less of course, it isn’t the same at all.


Respectful Disagreement


     Although we strongly disagree with Braidic and Moore’s assertion that spirit beings can die, we are equally convinced that they are genuinely sincere in their view. However, we also believe that these men are so connected to the physical realm they just can’t grasp the idea that God can totally destroy Satan, as the Bible says (Ezk. 28:16), without actually killing him. To them this simply doesn’t make sense—and because there is nothing like it on earth they can’t believe there is anything like it anywhere else. As a result they flood their arguments with illustrations from the physical world and insist things must be the same in the spirit realm.


What is the Truth?


     Because the logic presented by Braidic and Moore seemed so deeply flawed, Dennis Fischer and a team of analysts engaged in a thorough investigation of this issue for well over a year. The result was a comprehensive 150 page work rebutting virtually all the arguments proffered by Braidic and Moore.


     What is Satan's Fate?


     “What is Satan’s Fate?” published by Blow the Trumpet in 2011, thoroughly examines the issue of Satan’s ultimate destiny directly from the scriptures, and in doing so, demonstrates why God’s power and love as well as His sovereignty is not compromised by creating beings that cannot die—even if they rebel. Additionally, it was so well received that one of the foremost scholars in the Church contacted Mr. Fischer expressing his interest in publishing the book for sale to the general public.


A Bitter Estrangement


     After reading Fischer's rebuttal of their “new understanding,” Braidic and Moore were livid. They accused him of willfully distorting what they had written. For example they accused Fischer of claiming that they asserted God loves the devil when, according to them, they said no such thing. However, this is exactly what they wrote when speaking about God's relationship with Satan.

Braidic & Moore:


"The Almighty God is the embodiment of love, and He wants us to become like He is. For this reason Jesus said:


Ye have heard that it hath been said; Thou shall love thy neighbor, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you…Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect (Matthew 5:43-44, 48).


It is unimaginable to think that God would expect us to love our enemies, to bless them, to do good works toward them, and then He would turn around and act differently toward His enemies! If we grasp anything about God, we should recognize that He is a being of supreme love."


Our Response:


     Now, here is the response that infuriated them. Our point was to illustrate that Braidic and Moore were basing their argument on a false premise—which they do throughout their booklet. In truth, God doesn’t love the devil at all. Here is how we exposed the folly of their logic.


If this fellowship is correct in their view, then not only does God love the devil, but He expects His children to love him as well. This is because Satan is our enemy too (1 Pet. 5:8). But is this understanding correct? Does God want His people to love the most EVIL being in history? Furthermore, is there ANY evidence in scripture suggesting that the great champions of faith concurred with this argument? For example, is there any evidence that Elijah believed that God wanted him to love the devil while he was confounding (and later killing) the priests of Baal on Mount Carmel (1 Ki. 18:41)? Or, does the Bible suggest that God wanted Moses to love the devil while the children of Israel were practicing debauchery before a golden calf (Ex. 32:19)? And what about the two witnesses?—do the scriptures teach that these men will love the great dragon who gives power to the beast and false prophet (Rev. 13: 1-4)? Mind you, this is the same dragon who orchestrates the slaughter of God’s people (Rev. 6:9, 12:17).


Additionally, can this fellowship cite one example where Jesus ever extended a blessing to Satan? Can they cite an instance when the Messiah actually prayed FOR him? Do they believe He cried out to His Father to comfort this ENEMY in his affliction?


Jesus Concerning Satan


Jesus was acutely aware of the grave danger Satan posed to God’s people and for this reason He specifically instructed them to seek the Father’s protection from this evil predator (Mt. 6:13). Furthermore, our Savior made that very petition Himself on the eve of His crucifixion (Jn. 17:15). With that said, does this fellowship honestly believe the Messiah ever invested one second of His prayer life expressing compassion for Satan and his demons?


Other Examples


And what about men like King David who fasted for his enemies. Does this church believe he also fasted for history’s greatest enemy? Then there is Peter who warned that Christians should be “VIGILENT” because Satan wanted to devour them (1 Pet. 5:8). Does this church believe he also encouraged Christians to extend charity toward this “adversary”? And what about Paul who wrote that God’s people should “not give occasion to the devil” (1 Tim. 5:14). Do they think he also taught that we should seek occasion to do good to him. Finally, there is James, who specifically exhorted Christians to “RESIST the devil” (Jas. 4:7). Do the advocates of this argument think he also taught that we should love him?


In truth, the Bible speaks prolifically about Satan and every bit of it is bad. This diabolical creature has been instrumental in every evil ever perpetrated. To suggest that God somehow loves him is inconceivable—but that is exactly what this fellowship teaches. Why? Because according to them, God would be a hypocrite to do anything else (What is Satan’s Fate? Chapter XV).


A Sad Truth


     The sad truth with respect to the issue of Satan’s fate is that the reaction of Braidic and Moore was the product of ego run amuck. In other words, they would rather call someone a liar, than to humbly accept the fact that their point simply failed to comport with scripture.


     So furious were these COG leaders that they resorted to one of the greatest acts of treachery we have ever witnessed in the Church. It involved the intellectual property of Dennis Fischer. To better understand this, a little background is necessary.

     Several works appearing on ECOG’s website were authored or co- authored by Mr. Fischer. The most notable was A Sabbath Test which was co-authored with Art Braidic. However, there were others such as “The Mark of the Beast,” “Twelve Keys to Understanding Revelation” and “Are You a True and Faithful Servant,” which were written by Mr. Fischer and witnessed by Mr. Braidic. When one witnesses a work he is attesting that he stands in agreement with the author’s conclusion—NOT that he participated in writing it. However, unlike Mr. Braidic, Fischer never once served as a witness. In EVERY case when his name appears he is either the author or a collaborative author. This is a fact that Mr. Braidic openly acknowledged prior to their estrangement. Books on which Fischer collaborated included: “The Truth About Halloween,” “The Truth About Christmas,” The Truth About Easter,” “The Historical Jesus,” and “The Calendar Controversy.” Finally, there was “It Came Without Warning,” which only bore Fischer’s name much the same as the book, “The 144,000” bore only Braidic’s name.


     Shortly after Fischer expressed his opposition to ECOG’s doctrine regarding Satan’s fate, Braidic and Moore took action—they began by removing “It Came Without Warning,” Mark of the Beast” and “Are you a True and Faithful Servant” from their site. This was done without so much as a word to Mr. Fischer. They then began making revisions to “Twelve Keys to Understanding Revelation” because they no longer agreed with its position regarding one particular era of the Old Testament Church. This was done without Fischer's consent despite the fact that he was the sole author of the book. Because Terry More was instrumental in this "revision," his name was surreptitiously added as a co-author of this 100 page work. Suffice it to say, this infuriated Fischer.


The Worst is Yet to Come


     When Fischer approached Mr. Braidic regarding what he (Fischer) described as “profoundly unethical,” Braidic actually acknowledged its impropriety and apologetically stated that what the ECO had done might even “be illegal.” Mr. Fischer then informed Braidic that he was severing his relationship with the ECG and demanded that "Twelve Keys..." be removed from its library entirely and that the original names and content on all remaining publications on which Fischer collaborated be restored as originally intended and Moore's name removed. However, although Mr. Braidic complied with respect to Fischer's directive to remove "Twelve Keys..." he took another course on all remaining works. When it came to them, Braidic with the urging of his assistant expunged Fischer’s name. He argued that he was justified in doing so because Fischer was no longer associated with his group and was opposed to some of its teachings. Here is how Mr. Braidic justified his and Moore's action in an email to Fischer. Notice he doesn’t deny Fischer’s claim of authorship, only their obligation to acknowledge it.


“In that context, we don’t understand how you would conclude that we should keep your name on and pull his when Terry is a valuable witness to the work of the ECG. He has not only corrected errors in past literature, he has also added valuable quotes or information to help clarify various truths in them. On the other hand, you angrily made it more than clear that you no longer wished to be associated with us.”


     The logic of Mr. Braidic was so antithetical to all prior agreements between the two of them, it actually stunned Fischer. Although he realized it was pointless to pursue the matter, he felt compelled to respond and remind Braidic of the original agreement they had entered into a decade earlier.  



Dear Mr. Braidic,

In all due respect, they are not ECG’s books. They belong to the authors—or at least they did prior to ECG seizing the copyrights. I still can’t believe you had the audacity to allow such a thing. Furthermore, the criteria you have selected for determining whose name appears on a booklet appears to be their standing in the church. My criteria is whether they authored the book or not.

Mr. Braidic, if this issue was adjudicated in a civil court, the case would be over in ten minutes. However, because you unilaterally bestowed copyright (ownership) privileges of our booklets to ECG they may now do anything they please with them--ANYTHING. By the way, when we originally discussed this issue over ten years ago I told you that the whole purpose of having copyrights in the name of the author(s) was to protect the author(s) in the unlikely event that they would become estranged from the publisher—which is exactly what is taking place now. You were 100% behind it then. Now, you and Terry have forsaken the original covenant we entered into and replaced it with the same model adopted by WWCG and its splinter groups. One thing I can honestly say is that if the tables were turned, I would never have allowed it. I would have honored the original covenant and its intent regardless of how angry anybody got. Furthermore, you KNOW this is what I would do. Sadly you employ the “rule of favorites” when determining who has a legitimate claim. I certainly am glad you are not a judge.




Adding Insult to Injury


     In one more act of contempt for Mr. Fischer and his opposition to their commandeering his work, Braidic and Moore deleted his name from A Sabbath Test, replacing it with Moore’s. Then, in an attempt to justify their actions they decided to expunge Part II of the book as well as its appendix (over sixty pages). They did this because they talked themselves into believing that Part I was written exclusively by Mr. Braidic while only Part II was written by Fischer and added no real value to the book. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case at all and ART BRAIDIC KNOWS IT. In truth, Fischer wrote Part II and the appendix in its entirety, however he also wrote significant portions of Part I. For example:

  • He named the book (Braidic was originally opposed to the title thinking it was too gimmicky and wanted it to be called "Should Christians Dine Out on the Sabbath?")


  • He wrote the teaser at the beginning. Braidic never considered having a teaser.


  • He created its format and all chapter titles and headings. Originally, Mr. Braidic had no idea how the book would be structured or presented.


  • He wrote the letter "Dear Friends" describing the book's purpose which appeared as a preface. Braidic was originally opposed to having a letter at all until he saw what Fischer had written. He then embraced it. Preface letters are a signature of Fischer's work and appear on almost all of his writings.


  • He wrote the overwhelming majority of two chapters and made significant revisions to the original introduction "A Worldly Tradition" as well as the remaining five chapters. The original Introduction has since been moved by Braidic and Moore and slightly revised to accommodate their writing style which is significantly less formal and grammatically proper than Fischer’s. Additionally, the preface letter written by Fischer has been slightly revised by Moore and made into a new introduction.

In Fairness to Art Braidic


     In fairness to Mr. Braidic, he too made a significant contribution to A Sabbath Test--not the least of which was coming up with the idea to write the book in the first place. He was also responsible for authoring a study paper he submitted to Dr. Rod Meredith when he (Braidic) served as a district pastor for what was then the Global Church of God. That paper served as inspiration for the book, a fact Fischer is more than willing to acknowledge. According to Fischer, "Mr. Braidic gave the project life and without him A Sabbath Test may never have come to be. For that, I am profoundly thankful."


     Unfortunately, despite the extraordinary impact A Sabbath Test has had on God's people, Braidic and Moore ultimately used it as a vehicle to inflict damage on a man whose contribution to it was nothing short of HEROIC. In essence, while Braidic gave it life, Fischer gave it energy and passion--not to mention clear logic. Furthermore, it was Fischer who took it to the leaders of the church and in so doing fashioned the greatest collection of arguments in defense of God’s word on one subject ever constructed by any COG leader alive today.


     The real irony in their action is that Braidic literally begged Fischer to collaborate on this project because, as he put it, “You’re the only one I know who can write so persuasively.” Now, he and his associate have concluded that they would rather butcher a work Braidic openly touted as “inspired by God,” than to have Fischer’s name identified with it. The real tragedy is that while they accuse Fischer of open hostility toward them it was they who were demonstrating their contempt for him. So aggressive was Braidic and Moore’s approach toward Fischer and Blow the Trumpet that after claiming copyright authority over all publications co-authored by Fischer, they issued a written demand for Blow the Trumpet to remove all collaborative materials from its website claiming they owned them and refuse to allow Fischer or BTT any access to such materials. We of course, respectfully declined to do so and invited them to take their claim to a civil court if they wished. Knowing better, they declined.


     When speaking to the children of Israel the Almighty warned against precisely what Braidic and Moore have done. Notice His words.


“Cursed be he that removes his neighbor's landmark. And all the people shall say, Amen.” —Deuteronomy 27:17


     A landmark identifies ownership. The point God was making and that Braidic and Moore seem to reject reject, is that anyone who seizes what belongs to another without consent is subject to God’s curse.




Special Update

In a further attempt to commandeer A Sabbath Test as exclusively their own Braidic and Moore have now made numerous revisions to the book. Additionally, they have also repudiated Blow the Trumpets wings challenging the positions of Dave Pack, John Ritenbaugh, Richard George and The United Church of God on this issue because of Fischer's significant involvement in them. Now they continue to make wholesale changes to a book they once claimed was inspired by Almighty God. Notice their newest revisions.

First, they changed its name to "The Sabbath Test" as opposed to "A Sabbath Test." Their motivation for this action was not to advance the cause of the book's message, but rather to distance themselves from the man who gave it the original title. To us this action seems hugely immature and only serves to undermine the integrity of the book. We can't imagine the discussion these men had prior to making this alteration. However, it is doubtful that they asked themselves “How can we make this book better for God’s people?


Secondly, they inserted an unsigned letter at the beginning of the book apparently written by Mr. Braidic. In it he claims to have been the sole force behind the book and that he simply received some "assistance by [unnamed] others." It is interesting that the letter is written in first person but attributed to a third party (Administrative Services). Not only is this grammatically incorrect and a flaw that is repeated in other portions of their new rendering, but noticeably subtle in form and content.

It is also interesting that the book’s original letter was written in its entirety by Dennis Fischer and focused solely on the issue of dining out on the Sabbath and its impact on God’s people as opposed to showcasing the authors in any way. Once again, we are convinced that this new approach is driven by an intense desire by these men to insert Mr. Braidic into the story as its leading figure and dismissing Fischer as having any role worthy of anything more than a small unnamed footnote.

A Great Deception

What Mr. Braidic has asserted is so profoundly dishonest that we are absolutely convinced he would never make such a claim publicly in the presence of Fischer--although we wouldn't put anything passed his associate. For over ten years Arthur V. Braidic proudly acknowledged Fischer as an equal if not more, in this endeavor and NEVER once hinted that his role was anything less. He knows it, his associate knows it, and God Almighty knows it as well.

Thirdly, they have begun to modify numerous portions of the book to conform to their writing style. To us this not only diminishes its composition quality but is a self-serving attempt to insert themselves as the rightful architects of A Sabbath Test and its impact on God's people. The problem with this is that their current rendering actually repudiates the original work and its subsequent agreed upon changes. Once again this is patently sophomoric and driven by men who lack the maturity to genuinely appreciate what A Sabbath Test has meant to God's people.

Finally, they have added three new chapters at the end of the book, with one addressing a plethora of excuses employed by COG leaders when defending the practice of dining out on the Sabbath. This was done as a poorly written attempt to replace Part II which they deleted last year (2012) It is also interesting that their source for this new information was a book written by Mr. Fischer titled "Thirty Excuses" although they declined to acknowledge that fact. Ironically, Fischer actually dedicated this book to Mr. Braidic because of his admiration for his participation in this critical end time issue.

Meanwhile, as Braidic and Moore try to convince themselves that they are the true inspiration behind A Sabbath Test and not God Almighty as they originally claimed, Fischer has taken an entirely different approach. For example: even though he was estranged from Braidic, he appealed to him to leave A Sabbath Test out of it because he feared it would undermine the great work it had done and expose it to ridicule from detractors. Additionally, he (Fischer) continues to honestly acknowledge Braidic’s role and has stated publicly on numerous occasions that he would never expunge his (Braidic's) name as a co-author. Additionally, Fischer has powerfully honored Braidic on this website and defended him against those who condemned him for past mistakes (See: "An Apostles Sheen"). When asked if he wanted this and other eulogies removed from BTT wings, Fischer responded, “Why? Nothing has changed.”


The point here is that despite the fact that there are significant differences between him and Mr. Braidic and his assistant with respect to other issues, Fischer bears no ill will toward them personally nor would he ever think to cut the baby in half as these men have done. Sadly, with Braidic and Moore the issue has become very personal and their changes to A Sabbath Test are an attempt to blot Fischer’s name out of the history of ECOG and its work. With Fischer it has never been personal. On the contrary it has always been and always will be about a wonderful truth inspired by God and proclaimed by two brothers (Braidic and Fischer) in one of the most significant books written in this era of God's Church. Furthermore, Fischer would NEVER think of contaminating this thoughtful work by using it to exact his revenge on someone who was so instrumental in its success. It is just not how he thinks. Unfortunately, it is exactly how Art Braidic and Terry Moore do.

Whether Mr. Braidic's ego or his associate's SUPER EGO will allow them to believe it or not, the book's profound impact on the church required the direct collaboration of two very specific men. This is where God’s inspiration truly occurred and was clearly manifested. Fortunately, we at Blow the Trumpet have not lost sight of this fact and continue to preserve their collaborative work—which is the true product of that inspiration.




Part IV

Battling Severe Health Issues


     In 2000 Dennis Fischer was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This disease has reached epidemic proportions in the United States and its affects can be devastating. In Fischer’s case, the symptoms initially included high levels of glucose in his blood and extreme thirst. If not corrected the long-term complications can include heart disease, strokes, diabetic retinopathy with potential blindness, kidney failure (which may require dialysis), and poor circulation of limbs leading to life threatening infection and amputations.


     Fischer’s condition was initially dealt with by modifying his diet and exercise. However, his glucose levels, although reduced, remained high. This necessitated the incorporation of medication (Metformin and insulin. For the past five years his glucose levels have been normal and his overall health has been excellent—with one exception—his feet began to develop severe ulcers that simply wouldn’t heal. After multiple surgeries requiring several months in hospitals his right leg was amputated below the knee in October 2010. The left leg was also amputated thirteen months later. Today, Fischer is able to walk with the aid of prosthetic limbs. Although in a general state of discomfort, Fischer continues to maintain high levels of optimism and remains committed to his faith and his labor at Blow the Trumpet.


Part V

2012: A Year of Trial and Triumph

     One of the great tragedies in this era of God’s Church is its extraordinary lack of unity. It has been estimated that there are literally hundreds of splinter groups—each one convinced that it possesses something that distinguishes it from all others. Sadly, 2012 saw a further fracturing of the Body of Christ—and regrettably, we were a part of it. As was mentioned earlier, a long and healthy relationship we enjoyed with the Eternal Church of God was terminated. Although it grieves us to have our many contributions to their work expunged by them from their site, we simply couldn’t abide with their surreptitious approach to altering our intellectual property. We realize they see this differently, but their handling of the matter strongly suggests consciousness of guilt. With that said, we still believe that the Eternal Church of God is performing a legitimate and valuable work and are genuinely sincere when doing so.


A Year of Growth


     2012 was a very productive year of for Blow the Trumpet. In January the 39th anniversary of Rowe v Wade, we produced an audio commentary addressing abortion. Furthermore, a decision was made to feature our wing on this issue called “An American Holocaust” every January. A second commentary addressing homosexuality was produced and included in our wing “Moral Depravity,” which will be featured every February.


     Additionally, BTT published seven booklets addressing a variety of topics during the year. A brief description follows:


A Christian Passover Ceremony


In the spring of 2012 Dennis Fischer and Randy Vild were invited to conduct a Passover service by a well respected COG splinter group. Their service was a moving tribute to the sacrifice it celebrated. Although similar to the traditional service there were some differences. This particular ceremony began with a prelude consisting of very moving song titled Passover Me composed by Randy Vild. The song presents a view of the Passover from the eyes of an ancient Israelite preparing to leave Egypt and what its symbols portray.


Upon the songs completion, Mr. Fischer presents an essay titled “In the Glory of God.” It was written by Fischer and describes the last twenty four hours in the life of the Messiah. Over the years this essay has been presented to four different COG associations and has garnered the same reaction. The leader of a major COG group described it as follows. “What can anyone say after hearing it? I was left speechless. And I never heard a congregation so quiet.”


It wasn’t until several weeks after the service that Blow the Trumpet made a decision to produce a booklet describing in great detail the preparation that goes into a Passover service, including a transcript and audio of the one conducted by Fischer and Vild.


  A Christian Passover Ceremony


However, it was not done without some mixed feelings. This is because in the overwhelming majority of cases we are opposed to church members creating their own private service. We realize there is no Biblical prohibition against it, however, we believe it is best experienced in a formal church setting. With that said, we created the book in an effort to provide the brethren with a model.


Two other offerings inspired by the Passover and Christ’s sacrifice were published in 2012. Both address issues that have sparked some controversy in God’s Church.


Did Jesus Risk?


There are many well intended believers in God’s Church who are persuaded that when Jesus came to earth as a man, it was very possible that He could have succumbed to sin, and as a result, all mankind would have been lost.


Did Jesus Risk Booklet Cover


Did Jesus Risk examines both sides of this debate and proves from the Biblical record that God actually answered this very question centuries before the Messiah’s birth.


Unconditional Love—What does the Bible teach?


In 2011, Dennis Fischer was invited to present a sermon on the last holy day of the feast of Unleavened Bread. He was specifically asked to address the subject of God’s love and how it related to Christ’s sacrifice and mankind’s ultimate judgment. Fischer had studied this issue at great length and had discussed it extensively with others. The leader who invited him to speak was aware of his position and believed it was a very appropriate topic for the season.


Fischer gave a message titled “Despising the Shame.” It has been described as one of the most thought provoking messages he had ever given. In it he provided compelling evidence disproving one of the most widely accepted views in all of Christianity.


Unconditional Love


In 2012 Blow the Trumpet was urged to address Mr. Fischer’s thesis in a booklet—we consented—and Fischer constructed an argument regarding the lengths and the limits of God’s love and how it has affected His plan concerning the destiny of the universe. This booklet is an absolute must read for everyone who truly desires to know the limits God will go to redeem mankind.

When Did God Create the Angels?

One of many debates engaged in by God’s people today involves the age of the spiritual realm. Some believe it was created concurrently with the material universe described in the first chapter of Genesis. Others believe it was created totally independently—long before.

When Did God Create the Angels?

In 2012, Dennis Fischer addressed this issue in a very unique format. In the booklet “When Did God Create the Angels?” he invites the reader to figuratively, sit on a jury and evaluate the Biblical evidence.


The booklet was originally inspired by an email Fischer received a few years ago. The email was very critical of a book he wrote titled “A Vision, A Plan, and A Destiny”—which explained why a long held view of God’s Church (The "Gap Theory") was Biblically sound. Although the email was very dismissive of the idea spirit beings could be billions, or even trillions of years old, the four exhibits Fischer presents offers a convincing argument that such is precisely the case.


Can You Lose Part of Your Reward?

In 2008 Dennis Fischer gave a sermon at the Eternal Church of God, addressing a long held belief in the church concerning whether a born again member of God’s family could actually spend all eternity in His Kingdom, paying the consequences for certain sins committed in this life. In other words, can you lose part of your eternal reward? It was Fischer’s contention that such a teaching went contrary to scripture as well as contrary to the nature of God. He actually saw it as insulting to Christ’s sacrifice. However, Mr. Art Braidic and his associate Terry Moore were adamantly opposed to Fischer’s conclusion—even referring to it as heretical. They also identified it as one (among several) reasons they felt justified in removing Fischer’s name from all writings appearing in their library.


Can You Lose Part of Your Reward?


    In 2012 Fischer published his argument in a booklet entitled “Can You Lose Part of Your Reward.” This work thoroughly examines the arguments advanced by those who have taught this horrible “doctrine. It reveals a God of great compassion and why His plan would be profoundly compromised if it required His spiritual family to bear the burden of certain sins for all eternity. It is arguably one of the most inspiring works you will ever read.


Play it Where it lies


In 2011 Dennis Fischer was told a very touching story by his sister. It involved a woman named Linda Talbert. Ms. Talbert was battling cancer and despite her ordeal, was a model of grace and dignity. Two things about her really struck Fischer. First, she had a deep abiding faith and second, she was an avid golfer. Because Fischer shared these two passions he decided to share the close connection he believes they have to each other.


   Play It Where It Lies Book Cover


“Play it Where it Lies” begins with wonderful memories he had playing golf with his father. The close relationship they shared is very apparent and spoken of with great affection by Fischer. The book then examines a rule in golf and how it applies to life—specifically life’s many obstacles. It presents four keys to standing up to the hardships God’s children often face. It concludes with a touching story about the legendary golfer, Bobby Jones and three points God never wants us to forget.

Where Was God?


On December 14 one of the most horrific acts of brutality was inflicted on twenty children and six adults at an elementary school in suburban Danbury, Connecticut. In the wake of this disaster Blow the Trumpet published its last offering of 2012.


  Where Was God


“Where Was God?” addresses one of the timeless mysteries mankind faces—why does a compassionate God allow the innocent to be victimized by evil? 


A Work Continues

     Since our inception in 2005, Blow the Trumpet has made every effort to honor God and His way. And although we have had more than our share of scrapes, we sincerely love God's people and His leaders. Furthermore, we have endeavored to give our best in His service. To this end our site consists of virtually hundreds of wings and sub-directories complete with books, booklets, articles and notes, videos, audio messages and a host of reference materials. Our library alone consists of eight wings, including one dedicated to the works of Mr. Herbert W Armstrong.

Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong

     Finally, although our personal writings are modest compared to Mr. Armstrong and others who have served God's work, we have made a genuine contribution to the cause of the Kingdom. We have produced over twenty publications covering a wide range of issues pertaining to scripture and how it directly pertains to us in the modern age. Furthermore, we have written far more on the issue of the Sabbath, especially as it pertains to dining out on holy time, than any Church of God in modern history (See: Honoring God's Sabbath). At this point we acknowledge that some of our works have been corrective, but, many have been inspiring and uplifting. Furthermore, we have scheduled significant additions for 2013.


     We invite you to visit the literature sub-directory of our library. To access it simply click the icon below.

     Additionally, for the convenience of our visitors our library is also arranged by theme for easy reference (See below).



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