This wing of our library consists of a collection of brief articles and essays concerning some of the most important issues facing the Churches of God today. Each article is intended to help assist visitors in their Christian walk and to equip them in rightly dividing His word. To read an article click the appropriate title.


Did Jesus RIsk?   Was Jesus a Created Being?
The Unmerciful Servant   The Power of Faith
Whose Name is Lucifer?   Kings of Israel and Judah
Human Reasoning
  Glory to the Newborn King
No Road to Damascus   Let No One Despise Your Youth
A Slave In Egypt   The Sabbath/Sunset or Dark?
  The Cross or a Stake?
The Day Christ Died   God’s Law from the Beginning

Paul and the Law
Politics and God’s People   The Ten Suggestions
On Eagle's Wings
Was the Law Crucified?   Memorize the Bible
Moving Mountains   Keeping the Sabbath Holy
from the Book of Genesis
  How Long Were the
Days of Creation?
The Prodigal Son    


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