This year (2009) the United States celebrates her two hundred and thirty third birthday. However, as Americans across this land join family and friends in a host of July 4th festivities, a very serious question lingers: Has this nation gone too far in her expression of liberty? In other words: are there certain "rights" that are actually wrong for America? Furthermore, did the founding fathers craft a nation that could survive without the moral and ethical standards which once defined her in years past?

    This wing of our website examines how a nation once blessed by God Almighty has rejected the very source of those blessings and how a new generation of Americans has redefined its values. Additionally, it presents a compelling argument from the very words of the men who built this land that such behavior would ultimately lead to the destruction of the greatest experiment in freedom this world has ever seen. Are we close to the fall of America? If men like James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and Daniel Webster are right, we are perilously close to our own destruction.


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I'm Falling, America

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America Repent!
This May Be Your last Chance

The Late Land of Blessings

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