The Literature wing of our library offers a variety of materials designed to assist visitors in gaining greater insights into God’s word. Below is a directory of the literature currently being offered as well as a brief description of each book / booklet. Feel free to print any of them.


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Absolute Power

Thw scriptures reveal that when Jesus lived and taught nearly two thousand years ago, the spiritual leaders over God's people asserted their will through fear and intimidation. This book examines how all too often this approach is being played out once again in God's Church. Through a series of compelling true life experiences it illustrates how some in authority are more consumed with power than they are with true service. It may even tell your story.

Absolute Power Book Cover

It Came Without Warning

On September 11, 2001 the United States was violently attacked by fanatical Islamic terrorists bent on inflicting as much carnage on innocent lives as possible. This single act resulted in the greatest loss of civilian life in American history.

Was this simply a random act of violence or is it the beginning of a series of events that will ultimately cripple the mightiest nation in history. This book examines end time Bible prophecy in the light of this national tragedy. "It Came Without Warning" explains with remarkable clarity the presence of evil, the absence of deliverance, and the role of Gods people in the last days.



A Sabbath Test (3rd Edition)

Every week thousands of true believers assemble on God’s Sabbath and honor the King of the Universe, but is it possible that many of God’s children have lost sight of the great purpose pictured by this day? Just how serious are you when it comes to this profound commandment? Do you respect God’s word regarding His Sabbath? Or do you see the Sabbath as YOUR day?

Although other COG sources publish a modified version of A Sabbath Test, this particular rendering represents the last and by far the most most comprehensive version authored by Art Braidic and Dennis Fischer.



A Vision A Plan and A Destiny

This book dramatically presents the greatest story ever told. It is a story about a Great and loving God and a wonderful Plan He has envisioned.  It is the story of the birth of this Plan and how the forces of evil tried to thwart it. It is a story of how God overcame these forces to ensure His Plan would be accomplished and that a magnificent Destiny would be fulfilled. It is a story so rich in hope that it will one day bring every believer to joyfully kneel before its Author. If you only read one more book in your life this is it. Bring your kleenex.


Understanding the Book of Revelation

This 100 page work examines what is arguably the most controversial book of the Bible and explains how its symbols and message can be understood.  It identifies twelve keys necessary to understanding a message who's meaning has been sealed up until "the time of the end."  These twelve keys unlock the meaning of the seven churches, the seven seals, the beast of Revelation thirteen and its mark, Babylon the Great, the kingdom, the resurrection, and the New Jerusalem.  This easy-to-understand work thoroughly examines the book of Revelation and presents this prophetic message in plain language.

Revelation Cover


What is Satan's Fate?

What is Satan's Fate?

This 150 page book presents a comprehensive examination of an emerging belief in God's Church regarding the spirit realm and the ultimate fate of Satan the devil. The good news is that despite views to the contrary, the Church was right all along.


Thirty Excuses


This 230 page work deconstructs the 30 most popular excuses presented by COG leaders today in defense of God’s people seeking out unbelievers on holy time and paying them for their Sabbath labor—which is most popularly expressed when dining out on the Sabbath. As you examine each excuse it will become clear that the advocates of this practice reject the undeniable injunction in God’s word and have replaced it with a mountain of human reasoning and contorted logic.


These excuses, which have been shamelessly paraded as "truth" before God's children by the contemporary nobles of His people, have really met their match in this compelling work. Each is exposed for the deception it really is.

Thirty Excuses




A Christian Passover Ceremony

Every year thousands of God's people come together and honor the death of the Savior of the world. When doing so the Church follows a very specific protocol for the actual service. This booklet explains why the Church conducts this ceremony in a way that is vastly different from the traditional Sabbath and Holy Days it keeps. It also provides a very specific model for conducting a Passover service including a transcript and audio recording of one conducted in 2012.


The Mark of the Beast

The book of Revelation describes an event in which a powerful political leader (known as the Beast) and an apostate religious figure (known as the False Prophet) cause the vast majority of people on earth to receive a special mark. Those who refuse will suffer great persecution and even death while those who receive this mark will suffer the wrath of God Almighty. Just what is the “mark of the beast”?  This booklet answers that question and if you’re like most professing Christians, that answer is going to shock you.

The Mark of the Beast


Sabbath Confessions

Sabbath Confessions

This booklet examines the Sabbath through the eyes of the Biblical record as well as through the eyes of some of professing Christianity's great leaders.  This is an absolute must-read for anyone desiring to know the plain truth about the Sabbath God created and commands us to keep, versus the man-made sabbath of Sunday worship.


Are You a True and Faithful Servant?

This very informative booklet uses great champions of the Bible to demonstrate how God looks at service. Although many claim to be God's servants, this booklet contains a simple two-part test which proves most people are not.




  The Truth About Easter

The Truth About Easter

Every spring, millions of professing Christians celebrate Easter, believing that this holiday honors the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But shocking as it may sound, this holiday has nothing to do with the resurrection of our Savior! Easter is actually the veneration of an ancient pagan fertility goddess whose worship God condemns! The truth is, the pagan Easter celebration was instituted as a substitute for His Passover, a festival which God commanded to be observed throughout all generations.  This booklet examines in detail the vast and significant difference between Easter and Passover.


             The Truth About Christmas

This booklet examines the most popular religious tradition in the western world. It explores the origins of Santa Claus, mistletoe, and the Christmas tree, just to name a few. This 34-page booklet tells the real story about how this festival crept into the church and why it is so abhorrent to God.



      The Truth About Christmas


The Truth About Halloween

The Truth About Halloween

This 20-page booklet is thoroughly researched and exposes the true origin of Halloween and its many symbols. It explains conclusively that although this holiday is represented as Christian, it comes from a dark world and has entered into the church and our culture through stealth and guile.


The Historical Jesus

In the world today, there are some who deny the validity of the New Testament account regarding the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. This denial is based on the belief that there exists no objective evidence proving Jesus even existed, let alone preached a powerful gospel, performed great miracles and was resurrected from the dead. This booklet proves that there is not only compelling historical evidence concerning Jesus Christ, but that the historical evidence corroborates the scriptures.

Historical Jesus


The Tithing Principle

The Tithing Principle

We live in a world driven by money.  Everyone cares about it and even those who live in affluent societies seem to struggle with making ends meet. But few would ever stop to consider that the real answers to all the world’s money problems are found in the Bible. Most people are aware of the concept of tithing, but many of those who profess a belief in God and the Bible are now questioning whether tithing is still valid in our modern world. Does the law of tithing still apply today? Does God still require His people to tithe? And will He still bless them when they do?   What exactly is required? These questions and many others are answered in this very informative booklet.



The Calendar Controversy

In recent years, a growing number within God’s Church are beginning to challenge the validity of the Hebrew calendar. Furthermore, the contention over this issue has become so strident that it has even prompted the formation of new fellowships, with some groups actually creating their own calendar. The result has been total confusion! But does it have to be this way?  After all, if God commands His people to appear before Him at specific times, it stands to reason that He would provide a way to determine what those times are. But what is that way? And how can the faithful be sure of God’s will in this matter?

The Calendar Controversy


The Seven Letters

Today in the Church of God, a subtle change has been introduced regarding the intended destination of seven letters described in the second and third chapters of the book of Revelation. Many now argue that these letters were simply intended for the churches to which they were addressed and only offer a general lesson to all who read them today. This booklet addresses this issue and provides compelling biblical evidence proving that these letters are prophetic and contain a description of specific eras in the history of God’s people down through the ages, culminating with the return of Jesus Christ.


Play It Where It Lies

This unique booklet, which is in the form of a letter from Dennis Fischer, was inspired by a sermon he gave three years ago. It examines the cardinal rule in golf and how it relates to our approach to trials that so often bombard God's people. If you like golf, you will love this book. If you long to overcome trials and adversity you will absolutely cherish it and want to share its inspirational wisdom with others.

   Play it where it lies Book


Did Jesus Risk Booklet Cover

Did Jesus Risk?           

Could Jesus have failed when He came to earth as a man? Could He have succumbed to sin and as a result all humanity, including Himself, would have been lost? This question has been at the center of considerable discussion in God’s Church for several years. And although God’s people continue to struggle with this issue, the answer may have been with us all along. This booklet reveals that answer.


Unconditional Love

This booklet addresses one of the most misunderstood doctrines in all the Bible. When doing so it offers God's own words to prove that there are limits to His compassion. This is an absolute must read when preparing to partake of the Passover. You will gain a profound appreciation for Jesus' death when you do.


   Unconditional Love

When Did God Create the Angels?


When Did God Create the Angels?         

Imagine sitting on a jury commissioned to decide how long the angelic realm has existed. Well wonder no more. This booklet puts you in that situation and presents four Biblical arguments intended to persuade you to arrive at a thoughtful and scriptural verdict.


Can You Lose Part of Your Reward?

Is it possible for those who enter into God’s eternal kingdom as born again spirit beings, to commit a sin in this life that is actually beyond the power of Christ’s sacrifice to COMPLETELY blot out? In other words, can you commit a sin that God will only partially forgive thus requiring you to pay the balance for all eternity? 

This booklet examines this question and presents God’s wisdom concerning how He judges and the role mercy plays in His pronouncements.

Can You Lose Part of Your Reward


Where Was God?

Where was God?          

This booklet addresses one of the greatest mysteries man has ever faced—the role of God’s compassion in the context of Human Suffering. It provides a very specific explanation as to why God allows calamity, even the suffering of societies most vulnerable. It does so by examining three great tragedies that appeared to demand His attention and why His apparent inattentiveness expressed genuine heart felt LOVE.


Behind the Work

This book examines the history of Blow the Trumpet and its work since its inception in 2005. It describes its relationship to the various Churches of God and their leaders. It also takes a very candid look at its triumphs and its failings. Behind the Work is a valuable resource for those desireing to discover another piece in an intricate puzzle regarding God's end time work.

Behind the Work Book Cover


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