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      Recently, Blow the Trumpet was contacted regarding its pro-life position and how it contradicts the American ideal of personal freedom. Below is the comment as well as our response.




To whom it may concern:


    I just finished watching your abortion video and although I found it possessed high production quality, it missed a very important point. The central issue that seems to be blindly ignored by you and other “pro-lifers” concerns freedom, or the lack thereof. As progressives, we believe in personal liberty. Our nation was founded on this principle and American blood has been shed in defense of it. The question that must be answered is this: does a woman have a right to do as she deems appropriate with her own body? Or, has she, including her body become a possession of the state—given to do its bidding? Our answer is in the former. You however, must believe the government somehow knows better than its citizens—even to the point of giving it the power to impose its will on a person's body. If you ask me, that mentality belongs in totalitarian states like China, not the U.S.A.



Name withheld



Our Response:



Dear Friend,


    Thank you for writing to us regarding you thoughts on our position concerning abortion. We always appreciate hearing from visitors of our website and encourage you to visit and write often.


    With respect to your comments, this might come as a surprise to you but we agree with much of your point. What might come as even a greater surprise to you is that the “pro-choice” movement contradicts almost everything you wrote. That’s right! Organizations like Planned Parenthood and NOW reject the very ideals you claim to embrace. For example: they claim to believe a woman should have power over her own body. However, abortion is just the opposite. This procedure is the ultimate act of asserting power over another person. In this case, the unborn child.


    Although virtually all pro-abortion groups assert that a fetus is simply a part of a woman’s body, like an appendix, this is simply not true. However, it is promoted to dehumanize a real being with a unique genetic identity--just like you have. The assertion that a fetus is part of a woman's body is about as accurate as referring to your feet as part of your shoes.


    Everything about a fetus is different from its mother and all credible science bears this out. Furthermore, there exists a mountain of medical evidence that proves this point. According to David Chamberlain, Ph.D., and the former president of the Peri-Natal Psychology Association of North America.

"We have not given fetuses enough credit. There is no doubt that seven month old unborn babies "hear, cry, dream, learn, and feel pain and pleasure just as infants do. In fact they can show a preference for their mother's voice and can discriminate between two languages, preferring the 'mother tongue.”


    Does this sound like an appendix to you? It certainly doesn’t to us. No matter how pro-choice advocates try to disguise abortion, we believe it comes down to one undeniable fact: abortion is the termination of life, not the removal of a body part.

A Final thought


    Are we at Blow the Trumpet against a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body? The answer is a resounding NO! That’s right! We are not anti-choice. We believe a woman may control her body in a way that she deems appropriate. However, when it comes to destroying someone else’s body, that for nine short months resides in her, that is where we draw the line. The question is: Why don’t you?



Blow the Trumpet

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