But we were gentle among you,
just as a nursing mother cherishes her own children.

1 Thessalonians 2:7


Marie Theresa Vild


Dear Mother,

You have been with me from birth. From your womb you have cared for me without hesitation. Your delicate voice comforted me while your loving arms provided a place of tranquility.

When I ponder your presence I think of heavenly things. Your patience and faith express everything I desire to be.  You have taught me to be gentle and kind toward others. You have taught me to embrace life and to celebrate my part in it. You made our home a place of peace and hope, a refuge for love. 

Thank you Mother for all the wonderful moments in time we have shared together.

Thank you Mother for my siblings who understand every word I write to you today.

Thank you Mother for embracing me every time we meet.

Thank you Mother for loving my wife and children as your own.

Mother I love you completely. 

When God knitted me together in your womb He understood the gladness I feel today. You are that gladness.

Happy Mother’s Day!





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