If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves,

and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear 

from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14


Blow the Trumpet

Proclaiming the gospel as a witness



January 20, 2009


The Honorable Barack H. Obama


President of the United States of America

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington DC



Dear Mr. President,


    First, we at Blow the Trumpet would like to extend to you our sincere best wishes as you begin your historic journey as America's 44th Chief Executive. As you are well aware, holding the office of President is not only a great honor but a profound sacred trust. The Bible reveals that it is God Himself who raises up leaders and we absolutely believe He has done so at this critical moment in history. It is with this understanding that we write.


    Mr. President, we believe our nation is in grave danger and now more than ever needs the unwavering courage and steadfast moral voice of its leaders. Regrettably, that voice is often shouted down by those who believe morality is a private matter—something that should not be spoken about in public places. Such people now see faith and government as mortal enemies whose blend is a threat to freedom itself. This is not only an error in thinking, but an outright lie that stands to bring to an end a great experiment in freedom envisioned by the framers of this nation. We know these words may sound strong but they declare an absolute truth that will be played out with tragic results in the next few years if America does not have a change of heart.

America: Then and Now


    Consider how much our country has changed in less than fifty short years. At that time our schools began every day with prayer. Today however, school prayer and daily devotionals have been ruled by our courts as a violation of our fundamental freedoms. This despite the fact that the great heroes who built this nation saw such things as essential to preserving liberty. Contrary to what is proclaimed by so many today, America was never intended to be a secular country, but rather a nation with an unqualified reliance on the God of the Bible.  Perhaps Thomas Jefferson said it best:


“God who gave us life gave us liberty. And can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people, that these liberties are a gift from God?” 


    Today in the United States a great movement has emerged dedicated to proving Thomas Jefferson wrong. Through it, every attempt is being made to expunge the True God out of our national landscape. Those who lead this movement attack as “religious fanatics” anyone who believes in that God and His word. The irony to this is that America was once proud to express its faith in their Creator and the scriptures that so exquisitely describe Him. Furthermore, those who did so were regarded as anything but fanatics. Consider just a few examples: John Quincy Adams thought nothing of expressing his thoughts concerning the value of the scriptures. He once declared without apology that he read the Bible in its entirety every year. Andrew Jackson called the Bible the “rock on which our republic rests.” President George Washington declared that it was ”impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.” James Madison not only believed that the blessings of Almighty God were “conspicuously dispensed” on this nation but that our very survival as a free people was predicated on our ability to keep the Ten Commandments. He actually said that those who built this country “staked the whole future of American civilization” on obedience to God.


    Today however, when Judge Roy Moore prominently displayed the Ten Commandments in the rotunda of the Alabama Supreme Court building, a collection of "great legal thinkers" wearing black robes, concluded that his actions somehow offended the intent of the framers of the Constitution. Does anyone honestly believe the founding fathers would have drawn that conclusion? Sadly, that was the rendering of the court.


     Mr. President, another voice must speak. That voice needs to tell our nation that what these justices believe is not true. Furthermore, our children need to know the real story about the champions of freedom who built this country—and the enduring moral principles that inspired them. Failure to impress this upon our young will be catastrophic. If the leaders of this land don’t intervene an entire generation will be stripped of a great truth and adorned with a lie that breeds only contempt for everything our nation once stood for. If this happens, WE WILL HAVE NO NATION! President Calvin Coolidge understood this truth and once declared, “The foundation of our society and our government rest so much on the teachings of the Bible that it would be difficult to support them if faith in these teachings would cease to be practically universal in our country.” Tragically, we have long passed that point.


    Mr. President, although the majority of Americans may claim to believe in God, our behavior says something quite different.  Today, in the name of freedom over a million abortions are performed every year. Today, in the name of freedom pornography saturates the internet. Today, in the name of freedom homosexual unions are viewed as the moral equivalent of heterosexual relationships. Today, in the name of freedom schools encourage children to be “responsible” if they decide to engage in premarital sex. Some will even facilitate this promiscuity by providing our children with contraceptives. Today in the name of freedom teenagers are encouraged to trust teachers over parents. Today in the name of freedom those teachers persuade students to esteem sexual tolerance and demean religious conviction.


    As a result, our nation’s moral core now questions the very values upon which it was founded. Our opinions regarding sex, marriage, and family would have astonished earlier generations. Today however, it would seem that anything goes when it comes to our moral choices. But it wasn’t always this way. 


    Mr. President, there once was a time when most Americans navigated their lives around a fixed moral standard—a code of right and wrong. For most, this was the Bible. Stealing was wrong because God said, “You shall not steal.” Lying was wrong because God said, “You shall not bear false witness.” Killing broke the sixth commandment and adultery the seventh.


    If you were to read an early 20th century grammar school textbook, you would find numerous references to God, Christianity, and the Bibleand each was treated with great deference and respect. Today, however, our society demands that all moral standards constantly adjust their view to conform to society’s conduct. As a result of this thinking, what we once thought was abhorrent moral behavior is now regarded as respectable and even virtuous. Why? Because the voice of moral relativism has been louder than the voice of moral absolutes.


    Mr. President, this needs to change. Another voice must speak. Its words must be clear and direct. It must call good, “good” and evil, “evil.” Take pornography for example. While some may refer to it as “sexually explicit material” or “adult entertainment,” another voice must call it what it really is: “smut,” “filth” and “a wrecker of lives.” That moral voice must go on the offensive and be prepared to assail anyone who would attempt to dignify such poison and brand them as an enabler of violence against decency. Such people are anything but decent and deserve only the contempt of our leaders.


    Mr. President, the unborn also cry out for a voice to speak on their behalf. That voice must not simply defend them, it must be their champion. It must proclaim that these precious little ones deserve a future. And while some may proclaim that abortion is about “liberty” another voice must declare that the framers of this great land were not mistaken when they proclaimed “life” the first unalienable right. Furthermore, our nation needs to know that abortion never solved anything. Just ask the millions who have had one. Huge numbers of them have struggled through a life of depression simply because they were conned into thinking this act was no different than an appendectomy.


    Mr. President, our nation is starving for a moral voice to cry out and proclaim that marriage is an institution that was created by none other than God Almighty. It is not something mankind would be wise to tamper to with. Although many may try to add respectability to same sex unions by proclaiming them as morally equivalent to any other relationship, this is simply not true. The family is the bedrock of society and to redefine it is tantamount to playing with a loaded gun.


    Mr. President, our nation also deserves to know the truth about the role of faith in the creation of our freedom. It must understand that our spiritual heritage was and is the very soil in which freedom was planted. To remove faith from the public square is an attack on liberty itself and is an act of the worst kind of tyranny. God must not only be allowed to return to the public square, He must be begged to do so. Furthermore, those who shout about the first amendment should be reminded of a few things about America’s beginning. For example: Fisher Ames, the author of the first amendment was a champion of retaining the Bible as a prominent textbook in America’s schools,. Furthermore, they should be told that the American Bible Society was started by an act of Congress and that Dr. Benjamin Rush, a signer of the Declaration of Independence warned that if America ever removed the Bible from the classroom, all of its time would be spent fighting crime. When speaking of the Bible Dr. Rush also said, “for this Divine Book, above all others, constitutes the soul of our republic.”


    Mr. President, while the champions of secularism continue to chant their mantra, the voice of truth must also ring out. Americans need to know that over 15,000 writings of their founders were once examined to determine the primary sources for the establishing of our government. The number one source was the Bible. They need to know that from these writings it was determined that Jeremiah 17:9 and Isaiah 33:22 were the basis for the separation of powers and our three branches of Government. They need to hear that Ezra 7:24 was the premise for tax exemptions and that Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution was derived from Exodus 18:21 which formed the basis of a Republic form of Government. Our nation must also be told that the judicial branch of government in Article III Section 3, was derived from Deuteronomy 17:6 and Ezekiel 18:20, it didn’t just happen by whim.


    This is not religion. This is historyand it must not be silenced by those who would rather shout a secular lie than whisper a truth born out of faith. That truth needs a voice Mr. President, and you are that voice. We say this because we at Blow the Trumpet have also heard another voice—one that is powerful and resolute. Here is what that voice cries out to America and her leaders.


  • If this country does not repent and bring to an end the slaughter of innocent unborn children, the Creator of those children will forsake her and remove His blessing and His protection from this land.
  • If this nation does not repent and remove the smut and filth that has infested its culture, the Great Moral King of all that is decent will turn away from it and leave us to suffer abject humiliation and shame in the presence of our enemies.
  • If this nation does not repent and return God’s moral voice to the public square, the Bearer of that voice will turn His back on her and will not hear when she cries out to Him.
  • If this nation does not repent and openly condemn sexual perversion as a GREAT sin that threatens the institutions of marriage and family, then the God who designed those institutions will rain down unimaginable calamity on her.


    This is not just posturing Mr. President. It is a warning proclaimed by a REAL God to a nation He personally raised up. As the leader of that nation we appeal to you to employ every ounce of your skill, passion and courage to call for the only CHANGE that will make any lasting difference in this land. We realize that the task that lies before you will not be easybut it couldn't be more urgent. Our nation's very survival depends on it. Additionally, this is the charge God Almighty has personally placed before you. Your voice and actions must now cry out. They must proclaim that God is real and that His judgment will not remain still forever.


    In conclusion, Mr. President, we at Blow the Trumpet hope you understand that despite what people may think, sixty seven million Americans did NOT place you as the leader of this nation—one immutable God did that. Furthermore, despite what this world may believe, history will NOT be the final judge of what you accomplish during the next four years—one immutable God will be that judge. With this in mind it is our sincere prayer that the Great Creator of Heaven and earth gives you the wisdom to understand His will, and the courage to act on that understanding.  



Blow the Trumpet


Mr. President