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       Every spring thousands of God's people around the world participate in an ordinance of profound significance. It is called the Passover and is a memorial of the death of the Savior of the world. By thoughtfully participating in this ceremony true believers have an opportunity to claim that sacrifice and everything it pictures. Additionally, those who partake of the Passover with sincerity of heart have a far greater appreciation of its symbols and the remarkable story they tell.

       The booklet you are about to read examines this extraordinary ceremony and how participation in it directly impacts God's plan for His people. By carefully examining its content we are confident you will gain a deeper understanding of one of the most pivotal events in history.

Conducting Your Own Service

       Although we strongly encourage God's people to partake of the Passover under the direction of an established Church of God association and its representative(s), we are also aware that under certain circumstances it may be necessary for some to conduct their own ceremony. For this reason we have provided this booklet and the accompanying audio message which contains an actual Passover service conducted in 2012. For the purpose of clarity the booklet has been arranged into five broad sections.

  • Section I: Preparing for the Passover Ceremony. This section addresses administrative issues to consider when making arrangements for the service. It includes such areas as the appropriate setting, the equipment and supplies necessary as well as how they may be procured. Additionally, this section provides specific recommendations for the set up and take down of the room as well as the disposal of the bread and wine.


  • Section II: Sequence of Events. This section provides a brief description of the major components of the Passover service and the order they take place.


  • Section III: The Service. This section contains a transcript of an actual Passover service conducted in Southern California in 2012. It is provided as a model for those planning to conduct their own service. An audio of the ceremony is also included. This particular ceremony lasted approximately 75 minutes which included time for the foot washing, bread, and wine. We encourage those conducting their own service to listen to this in advance. Even if one chooses to craft their own ceremony, this model could prove quite useful.


  • Section IV: "The Day Christ Died." This section provides a very detailed reconstruction of the last twenty four hours of the Messiah's life. Although it is not employed in the actual Passover service it is an excellent resource for gaining a better understanding of what took place during this extraordinary event. We strongly encourage those officiating their own service to carefully review this section during the days leading up to the actual ceremony. It is presented in a narrative format making it easy to understand as well as compelling and real.


  • Section V: "In the Glory of God." This section contains a gripping essay describing the enormity of Christ's sacrifice and the impact it had on Him and the Father. It has been read in numerous COG fellowships including during actual Passover services. 


       To access a particular section click the appropriate title in the directory below. We sincerely hope this material will contribute in making your Passover more meaningful as well as assist you in drawing closer to the One Who made it all possible.



Dennis Fischer & Randy Vild




Section I

Preparing for the Passover

Section II

Sequence of Events

Section III

The Service

Section IV

The Day Christ Died

Section V

In the Glory of God












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