Argument XXIII


      In an attempt to justify the sin of seeking out unbelievers who profane the Sabbath and paying them to work on his behalf, David C. Pack advances what just might be the most contrived argument in the history of this debate. According to this COG leader, God only prohibited the Israelites from gathering manna on the Sabbath, not from gathering food altogether. Furthermore, he contends that the Almighty's instructions regarding Sabbath meals were only in effect for as long as manna was being provided. Once it ceased, God's people were then free to do whatever they deemed necessary to feed themselves on holy time. Here is how he makes this point.


David C. Pack:


By way of review, as manna was first given to Israel, the instructions were to gather enough manna on the sixth day to cover for the Sabbath, as well—enough for two days (vs. 23). Note this instruction specifically applied to the gathering of manna [nothing else]. Then, Exodus 16:25-26, 29 continued with further instructions to not gather manna on the Sabbath.


Our Response:


     Here, Mr. Pack is suggesting that God's purpose in Exodus 16 was to protect manna, not His Sabbath. According to this reasoning God allows His people to dine out but prohibits them from ordering a coriander seed muffin with honey when they do (Ex. 16:31). Does anyone honestly believe such reasoning? However, this COG leader offers it in a desperate attempt to excuse his practice of seeking out slaves to sin (Ro. 6:16) on the Sabbath and paying them to labor on his behalf (Neh. 10:31). All he has to do is stay away from manna.


David C. Pack continued:


As noted above, gleaning [other food] in order to fill one’s hunger on the Sabbath was not forbidden for all time, especially after manna was to cease at some future time.


Our Response:


     Mr. Pack is not the only one to advance this argument in defense of his sin. One of the largest splinter groups expressed this same view in a letter to Dennis Fischer, co-author of A Sabbath Test. Here is how they put it.


"You ask, 'Why would God allow His people to procure ANY food on His Sabbath when He actually prohibited the children of Israel from doing such a thing when they wandered in the Sinai desert (Ex,16:16-25)?' The simple answer is that God does not deposit manna on our property six days a week."


     What Dave Pack and other leaders assert in this argument is despicably arrogant and shows utter contempt for God as a provider. The fact that He no longer rains down manna does not mean He no longer gives us our daily bread (Mt. 6:11). In essence, what Mr. Pack is saying is: "God, if you want us to not acquire or prepare our food on your Sabbath, then you need to keep providing us with manna the other six days. Otherwise, we have no obligation to obey you in this matter." Can you imagine the audacity of such a statement?


     God's command regarding the acquisition and preparation of food on His Sabbath is so clear that only the defiant would conclude otherwise. Furthermore, when David C. Pack advances his theory on this point, he must rely on his distortion of what took place when Jesus’ disciples picked a handful of grain on the Sabbath (Mt 12:1-8). According to him what the disciples did was lawful. However, the Messiah acknowledged just the opposite (see: Argument VI, “Jesus Condoned it”)




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