This restaurant rejects God’s law and profanes His Sabbath.

We serve another god. He is our master. So come on in

and enjoy the best food and service in town.

    Imagine that you and some friends decide to go to your favorite restaurant after Sabbath services and enjoy a delicious early dinner and some wonderful Christian fellowship. This has been a long standing tradition of yours and you never once questioned it. As you pull into the parking lot you immediately notice something different. The name of the restaurant has changed. You then proceed toward the entrance and see a small announcement board with a notice informing all customers that this is a God rejecting, Satan worshipping restaurant. Aside from that nothing has changed. The personnel are all the same. The menu is identical to the one that was there before. Now here is our question:

Would you feel as comfortable eating there

as you did prior to this "renovation"?

    If your answer is "no" then you are simply a victim of good advertising. You may never find this sign or the accompanying announcement, but every Sabbath you will find the restaurant they describe. It is the one many of God's people visit every week.


"And no marvel; for Satan himself

is transformed into an angel of light."
2 Cor. 11:14



Blow the Trumpet



    The point in presenting this "hypothetical" example is to illustrate that what takes place in a restaurant on God's Sabbath goes entirely against His great moral law. On that day, restaurant personnel serve the god of this world, and do his bidding, whether they are aware of it or not. In a very real sense, restaurants that profane God's Sabbath are, for that day, "The Devil's Diner." Simply because they don't post this fact on a sign may provide consolation for Dave Pack, but such an omission carries no weight with the Almighty. Both Israel and Judah went into captivity because they forgot about His Sabbath. Is it possible that the same fate awaits His people today, if they continue to engage in this sin? Certainly that was what Nehemiah suggested (Neh. 13:17-18).

     What Mr. Pack apparently fails to grasp is that a real God-rejecting devil has blinded the minds of those who profane the Sabbath by laboring in restaurants on this day (2Cor. 4:4). Furthermore, that devil has also blinded the minds of those in God's Church who see nothing wrong with seeking out these unbelievers and paying them for their services.

    The bottom line is this: Satan desperately wants restaurant personnel to reject God's Sabbath, and he desperately wants Dave Pack to purchase the fruit of this sin. So far, he is having his way with both.



Argument V

"They're Not Our Servants"

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