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    Today in the Church of God, a subtle change has been introduced regarding the intended destination of seven letters described in the second and third chapters of the book of Revelation. In times past these letters were understood to be prophetic, and a description of specific eras in the history of God’s people down through the ages, culminating with the return of Jesus Christ.

    Recently however, a “new understanding” has emerged among many COG leaders. These men now argue that the letters contained in this book were simply intended for the churches to which they were addressed and only offer a general lesson to all who read them today.

    Those who hold this view reject the idea of church eras altogether. Furthermore, they contend that there is absolutely no Biblical evidence to support such a belief.

    But is this true? What does God’s word say concerning this issue? Are there, or are there not, church eras? And why should this subject matter to any of us living today?





Exhibit 1:    The Evidence of a Prophetic Book

Exhibit 2:    The Evidence of Numerical Significance

Exhibit 3:    The Evidence of Prophetic Order

Exhibit 4:    The Evidence of New Testament History

Exhibit 5:    The Evidence of Old Testament History

Exhibit 6:    The Evidence of Christ’s Return

Exhibit 7:    The Evidence of a Prophetic Warning

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