Argument XV

     I n this portion of his argument in defense of seeking out unbelievers on holy time and paying them to prepare his Sabbath meals, David C. Pack gets personal. He argues that because the authors of A Sabbath Test are flawed men, their position on dining out on holy time must also be flawed. What he fails to realize is that the prohibition against dining out on the Sabbath comes straight from God Almighty, not Braidic and Fischer. It is God Himself who commands His people to acquire and prepare their Sabbath meals on the sixth day (Ex. 16). Dave Pack however, offers a new understanding concerning how the Sabbath may be kept holy.


    This long standing minister begins his argument by labeling those who concur with A Sabbath Test as "easily confused and fooled by seductive thinking." Here is how he puts it.


David C. Pack:


"Likewise, the majority of those who have bought into these cunning restaurant-Sabbath arguments appear to be relatively new brethren—and thus candidates to be more easily confused and fooled by seductive thinking (II Tim. 3:13). Many of them have turned away from the truth even before becoming grounded in the most basic understandings. The “modern Pharisees” have come across as “wonderfully” righteous to such unsuspecting novices. These teachers usually state facts and present them in an accurate manner, but proceed to draw their crafty conclusions by weaving webs of convincing deception."


Our Response:

     This is a striking accusation. However, because he brought it up and characterized A Sabbath Test as a "DRCEPTION," let's examine the facts to determine who is being deceptive here. Throughout his essay David C. Pack misrepresents facts that would be so easy to prove. Consider just a few.

He contends that God's people brought their sacrifices to the temple on the weekly Sabbath. This is totally false. (see: Millennial Sacrifices)

He contends that levitical chefs will prepare huge amounts of food on the weekly Sabbath when God's kingdom is established on earth. This despite the fact that the scriptures say just the opposite. (see: Restaurants in the Millennium)

He likens restaurant personnel to levites and argues that they should be held blameless for their Sabbath labor when serving God's people. (see: Restaurants in the Millennium)

He argues that Jesus and His disciples picked grain on the Sabbath even though the scriptures clearly state that Jesus NEVER did such a thing. (see: Jesus Condoned It)

He argues that because Jesus' disciples picked a handful of grain on the Sabbath, once in their lives, he may now make Friday evening reservations at a five star restaurant every few weeks. (see: Jesus Condoned It & No More Manna)

He argues that dining out on the Sabbath can take the place of the preparation day as far as meals are concerned. (see: It Enhances the Sabbath)

He argues that if God's people don't dine out on the Sabbath then the labor provided by restaurant workers will "automatically transfers over to their wives, mothers and daughters—who labor in cooking, re-heating, setting up tableware, etc." (see: A Day of Preparation)

He argues that God only prohibited His people from acquiring manna on the Sabbath, not from acquiring food altogether. (see: No More Manna)

He argues that Nehemiah was not opposed to all buying and selling, but rather spending the entire day doing so. Never mind that Nehemiah prohibited God's people from buying "ANY" wares or victuals on holy time. (see: Nehemiah Never Bought It)

He contends that there is no moral difference between turning on a light switch and taking your family out to a five star restaurant. (see: The Utility Defense)

He claims that because some of God's people may pay for public transportation to attend Sabbath services because they have no choice, then he (Dave Pack) may now hire Sabbath-breakers to prepare his meals because it gives him pleasure. (see An OX in a Ditch and Yeah Buts & What Ifs?)

He claims that God permits him to dine out on the Sabbath because eating satisfies a physiological need. This despite the fact that God Almighty commands His people to prepare their Sabbath meals on the sixth day. (see: Eating is a Necessity)

He claims the authors of A Sabbath Test are preaching bondage and that God now permits His people to go back into spiritual Egypt on the Sabbath to purchase their meals. (see: Preaching Bondage)

    This is just a partial list of the mountain of excuses Mr. Pack parades around as "Biblical facts." In each one of his points, he quotes scripture and then makes stratospheric leaps when attempting to explain what they mean. Even a casual examination of his arguments expose them as manipulative and contrived.

     At this point it is important to understand that we at Blow the Trumpet derive no pleasure from our strong criticism of Mr. Pack or the RCG. In truth we have a great deal of respect for their work. However, when it comes to this particular issue they have bitterly defended a practice God ABHORS.

Returning to the Argument

     Although Mr. Pack accuses the Authors of A Sabbath Test of "drawing their crafty conclusions by weaving webs of convincing deception," it is actually he who is doing it.


David C. Pack continued:

"It usually turns out that false teachers who raise the bar to the highest level of conduct do so in the most hypocritical fashion. This is because their own personal track record falls abysmally short of what they expect of others. For example, those demanding the highest level of expectations of others have rarely attained that level in their personal lives or in their past inconsistent track record with the Church. Yet they readily set the bar for others to follow their projected image of righteousness while they live by a different standard. False teachers have consistently followed this type of pattern. Again, Christ says of them, “…for you laden men with burdens grievous to be borne, and you yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers” (Luke 11:46)."


Our Response:


    If David C. Pack is suggesting that the authors of A Sabbath Test actually dine out on the Sabbath while demanding that the rest of God’s people stay home, we have a proposition for him. Provide proof of this claim and Blow the Trumpet will publish a blistering condemnation of these men as well as publish a 1000 word apology to Mr. Pack. We will then shut down our website.

    The sad truth about his claim is that he doesn’t care one lick if it’s true or not. He just wants to justify a sin he embraces. To do this Mr. Pack resorts to personal attacks. The last time we read anything like this it was spoken in a prayer by a Pharisee (Lk. 18:10-14). However, because he brought it up we have some questions about Mr. Packs observations regarding the authors “inconsistent track record.”


Judging History


    We’re just curious, but what does Dave Pack think about people like Peter, who forsook the Messiah during the last hours of his life. Or, King David who stole the wife of a loyal soldier then orchestrated his death in one of the most cynical orders ever given by a leader. What about them? What does Dave Pack think of their “track record”? And what about Samson, who brought shame on his country—or the prodigal son who brought shame on his family? What does he think of these people? What about the disciples who turned and ran when Jesus was being arrested in Gethsemane? Or Jonah who ran when his God chose him to be the instrument of His mercy?


    What does Dave Pack think about men like Abraham who lied about his wife in order to protect his own skin, or, Moses who struck a stone in anger? How about Jacob who resorted to stealth and guile to gain his birthright? And what about Paul who confessed that he struggled with sin his entire life (Rom. 7: 15-25)


    We’re just curious Mr. Pack, but based on your comment, who do you think loves God more, you or Art Braidic and Dennis Fischer? Jesus asked that question once to a man not unlike yourself (Lk. 7: 36-50). That man was a Pharisee by the way.


    It strikes us as strange that a person who is so profoundly dishonest in his essay would present this kind of an argument. These words are more than cruel; they are sadistic and perverse. The fact of the matter is that if Mr. Pack wants to poison the air with such waste, we thought we would provide him with some other things to attack. They are included in a letter written by Dennis Fischer upon reading Mr. Packs comments. It is a very candid confession regarding past mistakes.   


The Confession


    I, Dennis Fischer left God’s Church for about six years (1975-1981). I am profoundly sorry I did. There are other things I have done that also disappoint me. I would guess that my list of personal sins would fill volumes.


    But my life has also been blessed with wonderful friends and great experiences. I have spoken before two Supreme Court justices. I have addressed two political conventions. I have met and spoken at length with one Lieutenant Governor, as well as scores of congressmen, state senators and mayors. I was actively recruited by a major political party to run for a seat in the House of Representatives and was virtually assured that I would win. I declined the invitation. I have met people that have met kings and I don’t mean Mr. Armstrong. I know an Ambassador of a foreign government so well that if it were possible, he would take my call at a minute’s notice. Furthermore, I have worked personally with numerous leaders of fortune 500 companies, at their invitation—and was compensated handsomely for it.


    However, I have also had my share of failures. I have disappointed people I greatly respected, betrayed friends I deeply loved, and lost huge sums of money. I have lived in large estates and have been homeless. If I don’t measure up to the standards of Dave Pack and the Restored Church of God, then so be it. If they want to take bows for their righteousness, I will not object. Personally, I can do no such thing—for obvious reasons.


    With respect to Mr. Art Braidic I will say this: I have never known a man I respected or admired more, including Mr. Armstrong, or even my own father for that matter. This highly flawed Christian is more than decent. He is good. I have watched him humble himself in ways that would terrify self-righteous hypocrites like those who would rather slander him than forgive him. I for one would bet a fortune that he has even moved God Himself to tears of joy.


    Art Braidic has quietly comforted the weak, cared for the poor, counseled scores of disenfranchised casualties of God’s Church, and has never asked for anything in return. In addition to that he has been my friend beyond measure. To say that I love him is an immense understatement.


    I realize that this is just my opinion, but I think Art Braidic is made of something worthy of kings. I know he will beg me to delete my words regarding him, but he will just have to stand down on this. Sorry, my friend.



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