What is Satan's Fate?

An analysis and rebuttal of the emerging belief in God’s Church
regarding the mortality of the spirit realm and the ultimate fate of Satan the Devil

By Dennis Fischer





© 2011 Dennis Fischer ®

All rights reserved  



Dear Friends

Argument I
Only God is Immortal

Argument II

God the Destroyer

Argument III
A Respecter of Persons

Argument IV

Killing the Soul

Argument V

From Spirit to Flesh

Argument VI

Bruising Satan’s Head

Argument VII

Destroying the Devil

Argument VIII

"You Shall be No More”

Argument IX

Tormenting the Devil

Argument X

Wandering Stars

Argument XI
Refuting Luke 20:36
Argument XII
Blaming God

Argument XIII
A “Vindictive Tyrant"
Argument XIV
His Mercy Never Fails

Argument XV
Loving the Devil
A Final Thought
A Brief Review